bred does dewormed with Ivomec Plus

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by baileybunch, Dec 18, 2007.

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    I have a friend who didn't know and dewormed her does with Ivomec Plus. They are all 30 days and under bred. She also wanted to know about a repeat dose. Her goats were in need of deworming. Any information and/or advice?
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    Not much you can do if she's already wormed them. Just watch 'em.
    :shrug I've done so many things and then read on the internet..."It will cause abortion",(where's the rolling eyes smiley) and to date...I've had one doe abort and I *think* it was because there were WAY Too many fetuses.

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    Yes the harm is done. For myself the harm is done in that she didn't worm them efficently before they were bred, ontop of that Ivermectin rarely is a good wormer if she didn't handle her warm weather HC worms with cydectin before kidding.

    She will have to wait and see if any does recycle in January or if she has problem kids born when they freshen.

    Ivermectin plus is used for specific things, lungworm, liverflukes and yes stomach worms if it works well in your area. So why did you buy it and use it?

    Having management plans you stick to, keeps you from being in perdiciments like this, and I hate the not knowing and waiting, so I try to make my management work for me, so I am not having to do a whole lot of guessing (and the kicking yourself afterward). Vicki