Bottle Feeding Amounts

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Liberty Alpines

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    I am bottle feeding two babies right now, as in the past I have mostly dam raised. They are 8 days old and are getting 10 oz. each 3 times a day. They always empty their bottle quickly and could probably eat more, how much are all of you feeding your babies? Is there some kind of "formula" of how to increase the milk as they gain weight or something? :??? Or do you just feed them as much as they will eat? Thanks all! Kristin
  2. BlissBerry

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    I feed free choice milk from the beginning. Starting with hand bottles and quickly moving to a lambar.


  3. stacy adams

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    :yeahthat To keep from wasting milk, I will offer then just a bit more in their bottles than I think they can drink. Once they're taking a full bottle they get all they can eat on the lambar. It's a personal thing with the bottle for me, I like to know that they're drinking well first, but then again, I also raise mine a bit different than some.
  4. Chaty

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    If mine were 8 days old they were getting 4 bottles a day and I would slowly move them to the most I gave was 20 oz a feeding 3 times a day. That was when they were alot older. If they are that hungry I would add a bottle and feed 4 times a day. Thats just what I did or still do and then as they age you can take a bottle away when they start eating more grain and hay. but up the amount in each bottle.
  5. Sondra

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    I offer 20 oz bottles 4 times a day they drink what they want but never do I give more than the 20 oz. When I move to lambar I put in one extra 20 oz bottle for the amount of goats. So basically free choice and only 3 times a day then I fill the lambar and let them have at it remove and put the bucket in the frig if there is any left over for the next feeding so in reality it is pretty much free choice all the way.
  6. Anita Martin

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    I've never limited milk amounts, especially at a young age such as 8 days, although as quickly as possible I have gone to twice daily feedings, with unlimited amounts at each feeding. Now that they are older (almost three months) and eating plenty of hay and grain and water, they each get 1 quart per feeding, twice a day.
  7. Nancy

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    we usually start 3- 20oz bottles a day.
  8. CarlinsDarlin

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    So about what age do you go to two bottles a day? I know, after they're eating more, but about what age is that? My two bottle babies are about 6 and 4 weeks old. They're getting 3 20 oz bottles a day.
  9. Tracy in Idaho

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    Mine are on 2 bottles a day by the time they are a week old. Or rather, 2 lambars, because they are usually on that as soon as they are done with colostrum.

    They get as much as they want each feeding for the most part. If I am having to limit milk for some reason, I allow at least a quart for each kid every feeding.