Bose for dogs?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by LSP Farm, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. LSP Farm

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    I have a young border collie that's always having some sort of skin problem, ear/eye infection, ect..

    I think she's in need of some sort of immunity boost. I was curious about Bose and dogs and if it can be given, if so what dose.

    I was also thinking zinc and maybe starting her on kelp. Not sure how much kelp either.

    She's also a little on the small side, I suspect to much " line breeding" w/o enough out crossing.
  2. fmg

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    I think I would just put like a tablespoon of kelp on her food. I bet she will just lick it up. Zinc would probably help. You can get a yeast selenium supplement for her, I would think it would work in a dog just as good as giving bo-se shots. I've never heard of anybody giving a dog a bose shot, but I don't see that it would hurt anything. You just need to find out what the dosage would be, which may be tricky. Vitamin E pills may also help. As well as fish oil pills.

    Have you looked into food allergies? Any kind of allergy in a dog will show up as skin problems.