Bolivian Soap

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by kidsngarden, Jan 21, 2008.

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    My friend just came back from her Humanitarian Aid service trip to Bolivia. She gave my soap to her host there. they are considered affluent by bolivian standards and totally LOVED the soap. Terry told me that handmade soap in Bolivia is just NASTY. They make it and form it into balls and wrap it in corn husks. She said it smelled so foul. She meant to bring me home some, but forgot - I'm bummed! It would have been an education in how spoiled we are! I would love to see how they make it. I am sure it is lye leached from ashes and whatever fat they can find. Terry said it was ROCK hard.

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    Ewww, sounds gross! Did you see the youtube soapmaking video from.....oh I want to say Iran but I am not sure. It was one of those middle eastern countries. Totally cool. They poured the soap onto what looked like the floor with raised sides to contain it. Once it was hard enough they 'slid' across it on boards to score it. It was really amazing.