Body Wash compared to Liquid soap

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Heavenly Angels, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. I had a customer ask me what the difference was between body wash and liquid soap. I really don't know so I figuered you guys would know. Is there a difference?? :help2

    Mary Lou
  2. Spicer Creek Goats

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    I would like to know too. The one gal that I sell liquid soap to uses it in the shower. I would think there can't be a whole lot of difference-maybe in the thickness of the soap. Julie

  3. MRFBarbara

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    Not much difference, just called by a different name.. Sounds so much more inviting than saying liquid soap... Of course the body washes found in the stores are as all other commerically produced products, full of chemicals and SLS, which is very very bad for you, known to cause cancer in all animals.. they used it on..
    Just make your liquid soap a little thicker and wa la you have a wonderful moisturizing body wash... I love the last batch I made and can't find the recipe.. it is so creamy smooth and moisturizing... and I lost the recipe..
    I hate getting old..
  4. Oh Barbara I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! :crazy Do you think you might post that recipe if you find it????? Pretty Please.
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    Yes, I can post it, if I can find it.. I will try to find today..
    Wouldn't you know it, I have made many batches of liquid soap, this last one being the best and I can't find it so far.. I know it is in my soap room somewhere.. cause I don't throw them out, but I did not get it in my notebook right away so it is clean out my notes and papers now..