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  1. I just saw the bill for the two does I had tested for CAE at the vet's office. $30! Not including the office visit, nor the fact they *had* to put Scrapies tags in the girls' ears. Jacqueline's had to be removed since it became infected.
    Just more reason I need to do it myself. I have goats that will never leave this farm and I refuse to put tags in their ears (how do you tag an elf eared goat anyways?)

    So, now I need to track down the equipment needed to pull my own blood. I found 10mL tubes at ValleyVet, but that seems like overkill.
    Any place that carries inexpensive smaller tubes?
    What exactly am I looking for when I buy the transfer needles? Can I get by with five holders? Or should each goat have their own needle holder?
    There are around 65+ animals to test (egad).
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    I got mine from Pulmolab. I looked on ebay, and even was high bidder on some until the last 8 seconds! So I just went to Pulmolab's website. I still haven't worked up the nerve to actually "do the deed" yet, but I am off work all week next week and plan to do it then. DH said he would help me :D Good luck.


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    I have no idea what transfer needles or holders means-lol! I use a regular needle and syringe, draw the blood then pop it into 5ml tubes. I got mine on ebay..expired ones for cheap but it seems like one of the mail order places has them for a similar $17 for a 100..hmm. where was that?!
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    half a year ago I priced them online several places, and the cheapest I found was:

    however we get them from our local CSU lab for BVD testing. We pay $20/100 for 10 mL. We used to get them free, but they started charging us now :sigh So we just use the same ones for the goat stuff too. We just draw w/a new 3 ml/22 ga. syringe for ea. goat and just stick the needle through the rubber stopper and it sucks the blood into the tube. the rubber stopper comes off also to put milk into or like we do...calf ear pieces :D
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    You don't want "transfer needles". That is a needle that transfers liquid from one bottle, into powder in another bottle. This is a transfer needle-NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO DRAW BLOOD.

    Listed below is what you need to draw blood.
    Like MayLOC said: use her link and you need 3cc or 10cc red top tubes.
    This is the blood collection holder. (I'd order at least 3 because you WILL loose one or two-or at least I temporarily misplace mine-a lot.)
    This is the needles-(you will need 18x1" single use needles)

    Hope this helps.
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    That's exactly what I use, works like a charm except I use 20 gauge needles. Works better than a regular syringe because it causes less damage to the blood, although for CAE testing it doesn't matter a whole lot if some of the red blood cells burst. As far as holders...blood shouldn't contact the holder so I use the same one for all my goats, just change the needle in between.
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    I just use a 3cc syringe with a 20 x 1" needle to draw and put it in a 7 ml red top tube.