blood in goat milk

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    Our two Nubians started spontaneously lactating last summer. We didn't realize it until one got mastitis. (We're newbies to raising goats and had no idea they could spontaneously lactate. Silly me thought they were just getting fat!)

    One has started lactating spontaneously again this summer. We've been milking her once a day. This weekend her milk became pink, so she's got blood in the milk coming from both teats. A few weeks ago her milk was pink on just one side, but it soon cleared up. She doesn't seem to have mastitis. Any ideas on what we should do? The milk is really quite pink, but otherwise she seems healthy.

    Is it possible that we're not milking her often enough? We started just milking her occasionally when she looked full, but soon she was looking full every day, so we milk her every night. Maybe we need to milk her twice a day? Or is there something we should put on her teats?
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    Some blood in the milk like that is usually from burst capillaries in the udder, from the udder being over-full. So yes, I would milk her twice a day. It should clear up once her udder is not getting so painfully full. Also, when their udder is too full, sometimes they leak milk when lying down, which can result in bacteria from the ground working their way up into the udder, which can cause mastitis. So milking her twice a day would be helpful in that regard, too.