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  1. bonafide

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    Just wondering, how many people here use BioTracking? What's the earliest stage and latest stage you've pulled blood for and how accurate have you found it to be? Do you do it all the time or just in certain situations? (A.I. over live cover or...???).

    How many use u/s to determine pregnancy?

    How costly have you found it to be? Does it "pay for itself" in your opinion?

    What tests do you do on an annual basis and which companies/labs/vets do you find to be the most reliable? Best priced? Quickest?
  2. Sondra

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    well all this abt labs is in Goat 101
    biotracking is great for pg testing $7 and CAE $4
    28 days gestation for pulling blood

  3. paulaswrld

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    I use Ultrasound as I love knowing about how many kids each doe is carrying. My vet comes to the house or you can take your doe in. It is $7.00 per doe. The drawback is that she prefers they be at or around day 45. If it was getting late into the season and I was unsure of a doe I would blood test.

  4. stacy adams

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    We've used Biotracking on both goats & cows.

    I think 30 days out is the earliest we've pulled, the latest will be about 3 months (on the cow) and so far 100%

    On the goats, mostly on young does that didn't conceive the year before or I'm questioning weather or not they took. On cows, if we're thinking of selling.

    Not here...

    Compared to feeding an unproductive doe for a year, yea, it pay's for itself.

    We CAE test annually and CL on occasion - just because.. though, we've never had reason to. I've been using PaVLab, but have used UC Davis.
    Biotracking sounds like it may, now that they offer CAE testing, be the least expensive way to go, though we haven't used them for that. Quickest? was PaVLab for me.
  5. Theresa

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    I have not used Biotrack but am in a few weeks to make sure 2 does are bred. If not then I don't need them eatting grain and getting fat. I agree with Stacy that I will probable be using them more as they are the cheapest. I have used PAVLAB in the past and they do a wonderful job. But if I can send everything to one place and save money then it is better for me. The only thing that I test for is CAE and occassionally have tested for CL.
  6. Leo

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    I used it for the first time this year, and am super happy about it. They were really quick-results in under five days. I had one doe I was questioning her prego status, and needed to get all my CAE tests done, so it was convinient, cheap, and it sure beats feeding a doe as if she was bred, that turns out open.
  7. Qvrfullmidwife

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    We used biotracking for the first time, super easy, relatively inexpensive (better than wasting a yr on a doe that you think is bred but isnt) and fast. I'd have no hesitation doing it again.

    We used US when they demonstrated it at the Houston Livestock Show last yr. They positively identified a doe that was barely a month bred, and said they "thought" that there were 2 fetuses but couldnt say that for sure, just for sure that she had at least one. She did have 2. So though I have heard less than great reviews of US, our experience was great. SO much would depend upon the skill of the tech, though.

    What I want to do is finally learn how to use my doppler to detect pregnancy reliably!
  8. homeacremom

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    LeAnne, when you get the doppler thing figured out please report back! :)
  9. Cotton Eyed Does

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    Have you ever seen an x-ray of a pregnant goat (dog or whatever)? You can see these little skeletons in the uterus. I've never had an US done on an animal of mine. I have used Biotracking and they have always been right.
  10. mill-valley

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    I test every doe each fall with Biotracking. They have never been wrong in my experience. I have never used ultrasound. I use WADDL for CAE, CL, and Johnes' testing at least once each year. This fall I had CAE tests done at Biotracking, was quite interesting to see the numbers instead of just positive or negative.
  11. goat girl

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    Ultra sound is not cheap around here---about 80.00. But the pregnancy test is worth it. I did it and found out one of mine wasn't bred. Luckily there is still time. otherwise I would be feeding an "unproductive" doe for another year--not in the budget for that.

  12. Agape Oaks

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    I use Biotracking on every doe. For $7.50, it's worth knowing so I can plan/ re-breed if needed etc. I like it that I can get CAE testing on the same vial of blood at the same time too
  13. Daniel Babcock

    Daniel Babcock Member

    Two of my does were bred Oct 1. Is it too late to send in for pg testing?
  14. 2Sticks

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    You can pull blood and send it in anytime for pregnancy after the 28 day mark. I am waiting for the results of everyones blood samples tested for CAE and 3 of the girls are being checked for pregnancy. I have four hopefully bred but one wasn't far along enough to check yet.

  15. Daniel Babcock

    Daniel Babcock Member

    Thanks Tamera that will be my project for the weekend. First time pulling blood for me!
  16. Narrow Chance

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    I've drawn blood also.. the blood test is reasonable cost and works great.
    Just an FYI.. there are two kinds of 'ultrasound's. I think it is confusing to some.
    One is the ultrasound DOPPLER.. that gives a beep or a continous beep if bred. It's a 50/50 game in my opinion. There's to many things in goats that resemble a water filled uterus..(bladder, gut)
    The other.. a visual ultrasound is done just like human baby ultrasounds.. it's none invasive.. and it's almost as accurate as blood test. You can SEE the kids.. and how many. If done by someone with experience.. they can tell you how many.
    When in doubt.. wait it out.. or send in blood test.