Black Friday Deals!

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Huminbird, Nov 24, 2008.

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    I am using my photo printer to print of my labels right now and although I don't know how much it is costing to print out each label it is probably way to much. I am in the market for a laser printer.

    I was looking online for some Black Friday sales and found some laser printers for what seems incredible prices at Office Depot.

    Samsung CLP-315 Color Laser Printer for about $50 (regularly 200)

    Samsung ML-3051N Networkable Monochrome Laser Printer for $100 (regularly $300) with a $20 gift card.

    Are laser printers the way to go? Is the cost of printing that much less?

    Have any other great Black Friday Deals that you have found
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    I use a HP Color Laser Jet 2840 and find it superior to the Ink Jets I used to use. The Ink Cartridges are pricey - $65.00 to $76.00 each and there are 4, and every 12 mo or so I need an imaging drum at $182.00 per. The Ink and drum seem to last a lot longer than when I had an ink jet and I do four newsletters, two 6 times per year with lots of photos and 2 monthly with photos. So without figuring it out exactly, I'm very happy and feel when it comes time for my soap labels I'm set with the right printer. I would be leary of such a reduced price on a not so common a printer, as you may not be able to get the ink cartridges or parts when necessary. I hope this helps. - Jo

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    It's sort of like this. The ink for my printer is the same price as buying my printer with the ink cartridges for free in the box :) They aren't selling you a printer, they make the money off you with the ink etc....Vicki
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    I go to the black friday ad website - it's amazing what you'll find...

    Don't forget cyber Monday - it's black friday for the internet (google it to get the exact site) and they've got some great deals - don't forget also, many places are like Wal*Mart and have free site to store which cancels out the cost of shipping...:)