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Hello Everyone,
I am very new to kidding and soon, (late Feb.) we will be kidding our first kids. I am wondering if someone would be so kind as to send me a list of what things I should have in my birthing bucket? Also, a list of needed shots for both does and kids would be greatly appreciated. We're trying to raise as organically as possible, and also as drug-free as possible, but I do not want to compromise the health of my kids by leaving out important stuff. Also, I live in Central Virginia. Two of my does are pure, but unregistered. Another of my does is registered and out of the Dixie Does herd here in Va. Thanks so much.


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Welcome to the forum Anita
Also in Goat 101 is an Article by Sue Reith Good meds to have on hand. and you should read up on her article abt Ketosis and Hypocacimia

These are things nice to have on hand:
*Nasal aspirator I don't use this
*Piglet puller, from Nasco or this
*OB lube
*7% Iodine
*(2) plastic trash bags
*Unwaxed dental floss
Bentadine Solution
Suture scissors (the end is like a hemostat, with cutting blade further down)
(2) 35cc syringes
(3) 60cc syringes
3cc syringes with needles
1cc syringes with needles
Waterproof tape
Heating pad

CMPK injectable (from the vet) and CMPK liqiud
BoSe(from the vet)
Dopram (from the vet)
Lutalyse (from the vet)
Sterile water (from the vet)
Banamine (from the vet)
Oxytocin (from the vet)
Dexamethazone (from the vet)

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Anita, welcome and glad you found the forum.
Anita has three of our babies from last year:)
For kidding supplies:
baby monitor is wonderful
lots of old towels ina rubbermaid box to stay clean.
Alos have in the box: cord clamps or clean strips of rag or string to tie off bleeding cords
iodine and a clean small jar to dunk cords and hooves
KY jelly or other lubricant
some clean folded feed bags are nice.
Let the doe push the kids onto clean feed bags or old towels spread behind her. Dry the kids with towels, wrap them up, stick them right on your kidding box while you help deliver the next kid.
If the cord keeps bleeding tie it off, otherwise dunk the cords in iodine (we do the hooves too).

It's good to have calcium, lutelyse, and banamine on hand jsut in case.
Kids will need BoSe after birth.
Alos for kid care have bottles and nipples, a weak kid syringe, kid collars, and kid coats are nice too.
Dopram is nice (it stimulates respiration in weak kids but we've only used it twice over 13 kidding seasons)

If you want to come assist with a kidding here let me know, I can put you on call:)
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