Birth to building a rumen a story!

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by FRW, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Paula alot of us on here feed milk way into 5mo mainly the buckling for extra growth or until tired of feeding or out of milk :)
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    I have not found this to be true in my does. I wean at 4-5 months depending on the kid. I never have fatty udders in my does and they are also very productive their first lactation.


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    Because down here the best feed is milk. Our alfalfa hay is crapola by March when my kids are born. I put a tiny bit in the bottom of crates and folks on here can attest to the stemmy mess we get as "OH Vicki wait till you see the new load, it is beautiful"!!! Sorry I am from San Diego and YOU do not know what pretty alfalfa is :) So I feed milk, I have had bucks breeding their first does still getting as much milk as they want twice a day. It is how I get the size I can on my kids to breed them the first year, less milk, less size. Pefect calium rich feed until they will eat the alfalfa pellets or eat the leaves of the stems :) Vicki
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    I have in the past let mine wean them selves and yes have been feeding bucks also at 7 to 8 mths of age. We switch to from a grain mix and alfalfa to a free choice alfalfa pellets and hay as soon as they are bred . Very few get any grain at all. I think that is why they do not have fatty udders they are not on grain 12 months before they kid..
    Like Vicki said we do not get good hay in south TEXAS.The crap they cut the first time with the weeds is what they send south. I will have a connection for good hay starting in the spring. My Uncle has a trucking company and will pick me up the hay I Will need when he picks up for his horses . So I hope we will be feeding mostly alfalfa hay from now on. I find once the kids are old enough to eat the alfalfa hay that they consume more of the hay than the pellets.
    I do start feeding my does their Milk Plus pellets 30 days before they kid.