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  1. Their testing day is Thursday for CAE testing and Wednesday for pregnancy check.
    What day do I need to send them if I only do CAE testing and if I do both?
    I've never done CAE testing before so this is all new to me.
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    Amy -- I ship for delivery on Wednesday AM. Check the USPS site to calculate delivery times.

  3. BlissBerry

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    I send my samples out by USPS Priority Mail on Monday mornings. They arrive on Wednesday morning.

    Good luck!

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    Just wanted to say that we have sent 8 different does blood to BioTracking for pregnancy testing (all but one were confirmed bred, yahoo!) and since the blood was already pulled, asked them to run the CAE test at the same time - talk about convenient and efficient!

    Anyway, it sure was nice seeing the titer levels for the CAE test - nice and low (that means NEGATIVE!). We really like working with BioTracking and the prices are very good.

  5. Thanks. I like their prices to and how convenient it'll be to get both CAE and pregnancy check.

    Now for another question, how long do I wait after the girls were bred before I can pull blood and have it checked for pregnancy?
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    What kind of tubes does biotracking like you to send blood in? Serum seperator tubes, already seperated? They don't really say.
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    You have to wait 26 days for goats for a pregnancy test.

    I just send blood in regular red top tubes.

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    Just an FYI... We also use Biotracking for CAE testing, but If you nominate an ADGA spotlight sale animal, they will not accept Biotracking CAE results, you have to go through a university type lab, (WSU, DAVIS, etc). We found this out when Kim Williams of Thunder-Ridge Nubians. I just happened to mention to the committee chair that we use BioTracking, and we had to re-pull our sample and send to WSU - both were negative btw.

    Mainly wanted to point this out to those who may consider nominating kids in the future.

    Ken in Idaho
  9. That's great to know. Thanks for sharing that! :D