Bio-Botanica® Drives The Natural Preservative

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    Bio-Botanica® Drives The Natural Preservative
    Catagory With The Launch of Suprapein™

    New! For 2005

    Hauppauge, New York…Bio-Botanica®, a leading manufacturer and supplier of botanical extracts to the cosmetic and personal care industries for more than 30 years,

    has expanded its product line of all-natural preservatives with the introduction of Suprapein™. Suprapein™ features a synergistic combination of botanical extracts that, when combined at proprietary levels, yields a natural preservative with a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity.

    Suprapein™ has been fully tested for both efficacy (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) and safety. Independent (HET-CAM) tests confirm the product to be safe when used at a level as high as 5x the recommended usage level of 0.45%. It joins Bio-Pein® and Neo-Pein™ as the newest product offering in the natural preservative category from Bio-Botanica®.

    What differentiates these natural preservatives? -- Color, fragrance, ingredient profile and (ratios of the) extracts present. Customers can now select the natural preservative that is most compatible with their unique product formulation and specification requirements.

    Suprapein™ is manufactured in Bio-Botanica®’s FDA registered, pharmaceutically licensed facility; cGMP, SOP and GLP compliant. Custom formulation and technical support are available; Patent-pending.

    For samples, specs, copy of the study and pricing information please contact:
    Patricia Singh, Sr. Director of Sales
    Cosmetic Division, Bio-Botanica Personal Care Ingredients, LLC

    Bio-Botanica® Inc., 75 Commerce Drive
    Hauppauge, N.Y. 11788 - 3943