billy has a cough

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by maybelle farm, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. maybelle farm

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    Why would my 5 month old alpine buck have a small cough? is it something that i should worry about? would that be lung worms or something?
  2. goatkid

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    Re: buck has a cough

    There could be a number of reasons your buckling has a cough. The first thing I do is get a temperature. If the goat has a fever, I treat for pneumonia. If the temp is normal it could possibly be lungworms or it could be dusty hay or other environmental pollutants. Kathie

  3. maybelle farm

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    Re: buck has a cough

    so do I just give him ivomec to see if that clears him up?
  4. BlissBerry

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    Re: buck has a cough

    Did you take his temp? Run a fecal?

    We need more to go on before we can help.

  5. Sondra

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    Re: buck has a cough

    NO you run fecal check and see if he has lung worms
    1. take a temp
    2. run a fecal
    3. worm according to worms found
    4. are you or have you been treating all along for cocci?
    5. Ivormec Plus is the wormer of choice for lung worms

    Here is a good rule of thumb when asking for help on the sick
    Age, weight, sex and breed of animal

    If a doe, is she pregnant and when is she due? If she is nursing kids, how many and how old are they?

    Weather conditions

    Description of symptoms

    Rectal temperature

    Feeding regimen

    Treatments already administered

    Your name and location

    Your phone number if you would like emergency help