Beet pulp

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by goatkid, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Little Moon

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    I feed shredded beet pulp (with molasses) but I'm with Whim - it really doesn't seem all that sugary. I can scoop out a handful to feel and never have a sticky residue. I think the beets are fairly sweet to begin with and the molasses just keeps the dust down. I have never watered it down, just feed it out of hand or mixed in with the grain.

    As far as an influence on milk taste my guess would be that it makes it sweeter??? Anyone know for sure???

  2. LMonty

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    the pulp is whats left after the raw sugar is extracted. so most of the simple sugars originally in the beet are gone. I dont think it makes any difference at all in milk taste.

  3. Carolyn

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    Would the sugar beets do the same job as the beet pulp? I used to be able to get dried beet pulp for $110/ton from the beet plant until they started shipping it out to be bagged :(. I can get sugar beets all over the place and the goats I had years ago loved them---would it be the same? I know in moderation-- Carolyn