Batch ruined? Oil added late

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  1. I was soaping...way behind schedule....I had already done two 42 bar batches (4 different scents). I was finishing up with a 42 bar batch of OMH. I went through my routine, poured it into the molds, washed the pots and things, and was cleaning up the table when I noticed the Safflower Oil sitting in the container still. Crap!
    It was all measured out, ready to go and I just forgot it. So I poured my soap back into the pot, mixed the Safflower Oil in and blended the stuffing out of it. Then I poured it back in the mold.
    So is it non uesable? Or will it be okay. I know exactly what didn't go in and how much, it just got added late, after the other oils/fats and the honey and ground oatmeal. It never got to thick trace, so mixing it in was not a problem. With it having gone to thin trace already, does that mean the safflower oil would not saponify with the lye?

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    It should, you would have had excess lye with no oils to saponify with if you hadn't added it. I have never done that exactly, I am one of those anal, line up everything and do it all the same each time kind of people :) but I have added more oil at rebatch with no problems.

    You'll just have to wait and see and of course come back and tell us how it went! Vicki

  3. Thought I would update this.
    I cut this soap and cured it. My sister and I have used it a few times over the past couple of days and it appears to have turend out just fine.
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    Good to know. I would have thought it'd be fine with your being able to mix it in. I don't know that I could take soap out of my mold and do that.
  5. It was at thin trace...or not really since there wasn't enough oils...and it was very very messy. I did all that without gloves because I started pouring immediately after I realize what I had done. Boy did my hands burn after all of that!
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    vinegar to wash hands with and yes I have done this same thing and it worked also. Had to grab it out of the oven whip in the oil I had forgotten and then back into mold.