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    OK, so I finally ran out of Goat Chow and want to switch to real whole grains. I had planned on feeding: 35% Barley, 35% Whole Oats, 10% BOSS, 10% Cracked Corn and a little bit of Calf Manna sprinkled on. Problem is, no one carries barley around here--something I hadn't considered. So what can I substitute for barley? Just more oats or something else??
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    More oats :) I can't afford barley or I would purchase it.

    Mostly oats, a little cracked corn, BOSS or other oil/rice bran for fat, Calf manna for it's wonderful minerals but do know it is just protein from soybeanmeal, so using soybeanmeal or whole roasted soybeans is cheaper here, I can buy 2 and 1/2 50 pound bags of SBM for what one sack of Calf Manna (especially that brand) of supplement pellets cost. Same with BOSS,, Rice Bran here is under $7 per 50 is 13% fat. If you are getting good alfalfa hay or using 17% alfalfa pellets, you don't need that much more protein in their diet anyway.

    You can't go by someone elses mix, just use it as your base and then head to the feed store and see what they can get for you at what price. Right now a mix of oats, flaked corn with a mineral mix and a small amount of alfalfa pellets is cheaper than whole oats....same company its just a premix a large horse farm has milled, they are now selling it and since they sack so much it is cheap. So the girls are eating it, until it is raised in price above that of just whole oats. The nice thing about feeding grain in the raw, instead of sacked feeds, is that you can easily tweak it from feed store to feed store, unlike by product feeds ground up in a sack which you really have no idea what is in it. Vicki

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    We never could find barley either and so we just use mostly whole oats with a little bit of corn chops for their milkstand grain. That is the base. I have tweaked it before with BOSS, beet pulp and a squirt of corn oil. I have used off-brand calf manna too. But usually just oats and a small amount of corn. And always lots of alfalfa pellets and good minerals.