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    My friend has a baby Boer doeling who was born with a swelling on one side of her face. She took the kid to the vet and had fluid drained off it. The vet put a shunt in her face to keep it draining. It's a clear fluid which the vet tested for infection or staph. The tests were negative. The vet says it's likely either from an injury that was incurred inutero or a salivary cyst. She's never had a goat with a salivary cyst and thought she would have to put the kid down if that's the problem. I told her that some of the folks on this forum have had goats with salivary cysts that they are able to deal with. She hates to lose the kid as she has good bloodlines. What do folks do for goats with salivary cysts? Kathie
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    Honestly after dealing with Birdy for 6 years now with hers I would put her down and forget it. It isn't hereditary so she likely will never have another but what a PITA. Birdys swell up horribly when she is bred, it is hormonal to a point, I mean golf ball sized spit sacks like she chews leaf tobacco, which has pretty much ended her show carreer now with two milking legs, because I wouldn't have the time to explain to every single soul that she does not have CL...or maybe announce over the loud speaker "come squeeze the spit through her cysts and see" :)

    They will be fine for awhile, then the spit will get thicker and will not pass through the tubes, because the tubes are too thin..why she has cysts to begin with. Then the spit or tears collect under the skin, you give benedryl or other antihistimines daily to keep the spit fluid until it backs up and bursts the tube anyway. You can keep it all up for a few years. Really they need surgery to reem out the tubes and make them bigger like they are supposed to be or to repair the break or blockage...expensive and can dehydrate them if it fails. I want her bloodline she is a good brood doe so for me I just let everyone who comes here see her, dont' allow photos because I know where they would be posted.....and go on from there. She will live here until I put her down as an old lady.

    If this was hereditary I would have done her in years ago, if I would have known how bad they were going to get over time, I would have showed her more when she was young to finish her.

    So my advice is to put the kid down or eat her before she becomes more attached and breed the dam again for a better kid, this is a serious defect and even in my case, the breeder shouldn't have sold her to begin with (giving her the benefit of the doubt perhaps she like me didn't really know what it was). And you can tell from birth....Vicki