australian oil of eucalyptus?

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by chewie, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. chewie

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    i am working at a hunting lodge for a few weeks, and with that comes a large batch of men from all different areas, but mostly from usa. they often gift me things, and this last group gave me some of that oil. its smells like a halls cough drop. not sure if it'd be something to soap with? might be nice to get rid of smelly hands or use when you're sick? i've got 16 oz of the stuff, and not sure what to do with it?? the man said it was good for aches and pains, but geesh, its so strong smelling i am not sure about using it. ideas?
  2. Caprine Beings

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    I make a eucalyptus/ mint soap that is really good, and in the winter I use it in a pan on the stove for colds and flus. You can use it in bath salts too. I would only use two drops in a bath, ten on the stove. Tammy

  3. Sondra

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    I keep it on hand all the time use a carrier oil with it and dab under your nose for colds etc. and yep soap with it also but I use it like any EO not like safflower or something.