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  1. I have some Auromycin crumbles left over from last year's abortion storm (never used it, the abortions had stopped). As far as dosing, I assume I just count the number of heads of goats in the pen and alot for that many.
    The Crumbles have been in the freezer section of an upright fridge that I store feed in. It sits under a pole barn. We don't get above 90 around here in the summer, but it can be humid.
    I haven't opened them up. What is the likelihood they are any good at this point? Would it be smarter to feed this until I can get to the mill and buy a new bag?

    I realize a number of these questions could be answered on the bag, but it is down at the goat pen and it is barely above freezing right now outisde. I'd rather go down prepared beforehand.

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    Re: Auromycin Crumbles- shelf life?

    Open the bag and check the top of the crumbles for mold. It will stick together in clumps if it's bad or have a light coloring to it.

    Here...S. Ark. we can't keep them opened in the barn for more than about 3-4 months. A little longer in the winter.

    The answers to your other questions are on the bag...and Tim (EFC) figured the doses. Sondra???

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    I had found the dosage but hadn't been able to track down anything on shelf life.

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    Look in the bag and make sure they are not moldy or clumpy, also that they smell okay. Most of the crumbles also have vitamins added, they have probably lost thier value but if the crumbs look okay the drug should still be alright. Your feed dealer should be able to give you a shelf life estimate as well.
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    I am going to be getting the 10g crumbles as opposed to the 4g crumbles. With the 4g I would be feeding ~4 pounds of crumbles a day to the herd. This should cut down on how much I have to feed.