August 24,2012

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  1. Rex, my first ever "alpha" dog taught me so much about loyalty... from sharing a bale of hay in the barn as we tried to sleep in the subzero cold while waiting for a doe to kid, to lying at guard over the girls waiting for me to return home from an errand so he could pass guard duty on before crossing that rainbow bridge. He died in my arms that day in August and a lot of me died with him.

    This year's February kidding season was very difficult for me as I missed his companionship though I found myself talking to him as though he were still there. He excelled as a farm hand taking the kids as they were born and cleaning them off to wrap himself around them for warmth until we could take them inside the house.

    He adopted every baby as though he was their father and would ferociously defend them against other dogs, coyotes or fox. We all miss you Rex.

    August 014.jpg
  2. To this day his memory still brings a tear to my eyes.
    To quote Will Rogers:
    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”