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I bought LH Mtn Vista Astoria in early October. She's a dry yearling.

I decided to breed her to LH Mtn Vista Astro that I already own.

So I'm looking for heats and not seeing anything.

I see the posts on does not cycling and the stories about free martins, and get really frustrated. :nooo But because so many said their free martins took best in show, I start really examing her character.

Last week I'm thinking she really is deep bodied. This week I'm thinking that's maybe a little too deep in body. hmmmm

Well, now I think she is already bred. :crazy Marguerite said she saw her cycle in September but has no record of any escaping bucks. If she is bred, Marguerite has no idea who "daddy" is.

In the long run, I'm just glad she's bred and not a free martin. :sigh
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Pull blood and send to Biotracking....that will tell you if she is bred...
Yes, I've thought of that. I've never drawn blood b4 tho. I've seen the examples, it just seems hard to get myself to try it. Maybe I can get a friend to do it and I'll be the holder.

Although, at this point, it's pretty apparent shes bred. If she throws me any great kids, I'll have to DNA them. $$$
Dry yearlings look bred! Blood test her so she doesn't go yet another season unbred. Vicki
My Freemartin had a strong heat, the buck covered her numerous times and I was POSITIVE she was pregnent so I didn't blood test her (which I normally do) she got a big round tummy, her due date passed...did an internal check and yep, vagina dead end so I would agree with getting her tested. Freemartins tend to get chunky cause of hormones anyway. Pulling blood is a cinch. If you have seen it done even one time I bet you can do it!
What's a free martin?????

A girl doe that breeds other does with her udder ! She is a doe/boy mix .

I have one ,she looks like a big doe,she keeps the bucks happy all the time and her butt is always dirty. She has a tiny vulva that if she did get pregnant she couldn't deliver a kid. Her udder looks like a regular udder with nice size teats,she always looks like she is uddering up and she always looks like she is pregnant as she is big. She also lip curls and has a deep voice. Ours has never had a kid ,we have gave her shots to breed several times from the vets and nothing happens.

I also had a 1 yr. old doe that the breeding did not take and she didn't come back in heat and she was 2 before she had a kid ,everything was normal after the kidding.
"So I'm looking for heats and not seeing anything."

Lois ...this time of year , I'm not surprised. The last open doe that I had was pulling the slip on me too. Vicki told me to check her during the night, and presto, the little hussy was a night owl and by morning her heat had gotten less noticeable......maybe that's the case with your new doe.

Ohhhh. I think I had one of those once. Didn't know what was wrong with her. Biggg doe, always came in heat, always let the buck breed her. Never any kids. And she always looked like she was a ff uddering up for the first time. Well she was turned into sausage!

Just never heard the term before, and didnt' know others had does like that :help2

I think they are alot more common than we think. A good way to spot them is in a Grand Champion lineup in Texas! Those big ole beffy 12 to 24 month old dry does, who you never see again :) Vicki
There must be different stages of development in-utero that this occurs in because our little fm doe never had a heat, isn't beefy, very feminine, small teats, never let the buck touch her but was very friendly with him. But speaking of the lip-curling I have two Lamanchas that do this -they've both kidded before . The herd queen does it a lot about a day prior to kidding and she always smells slightly 'bucky' the last few weeks before she kids.
Lip Curling.......I don't think it is a sign of anything but happiness in any goat. My old herd queen does this often, but not when she is upset about something.......I get my best lip curl out of her in the mornings, just after I let her take a sip of coffee out of my cup.
oh Whim how funny - so is that wine at night and coffee in the morning?? No wonder shes a happy girl!
Whitetail bucks do this I found this on the net "Bucks show interest in urination of females particularly during the rut and follow their investigations with a lip curl (Flehmen). Although somewhat ritualized, the purpose of the lip curl is to expose the scent to the vomeronasal or Jacobson’s organ which assists the buck with his assessment of the doe’s reproductive stage and willingness to mate. The vomeronasal organ detects large non-volatile molecules. Because it has separate tracts to and stimulates different areas of the brain, it is properly considered the ‘sixth sense’.

The vomeronasal organ is found in cold as well as warm blooded animals but its function varies across species. "

I seen one do it while I was bowhunting one time over scrapes. He came up to the scrape and lip curled. I'd say it was used by goats in a similar way
I think they are alot more common than we think. A good way to spot them is in a Grand Champion lineup in Texas! Those big ole beffy 12 to 24 month old dry does, who you never see again Vicki
HHmmm maby I should take my BIG doe and win... :rofl
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