Are Oak Leaves Poisonous?

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    I needed to know this because I read this in the book, "Raising dairy goats" that oak leaves are toxic to goats, but my young nubians chase the leaves down and love them, and they are not affected at all. I don't know why this would be in such a popular book, unless the author is referring to poison oak????
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    My neighbor threw a big oak branch in with his two goats. One ate a bit off of it and the other gorged himself. That one died about a day later, but the one that didn't eat as much was fine. Not sure how it kills them, but I've read it several places since then. His goat was doing fine before he gave them the oak branch. He didn't think it was simple bloat because his stomach didn't swell.

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    Flowerdoes, there is unfortunately more than that as regards misinformation in that book. There tends to be a lot of misinformation about goats out there, in general. They are the queens of the old wives' know, stories based on one person's anecdote that just happened to be a coincidence, and it gets taken as gospel from then on out. Since there is not a lot of money invested into scientific research with goats, the old wives' tales persist. In the situation alpineestates mentions, it sounds like 1) it was a new food to the goat and 2) the goat gorged itself on it. That is a good recipe for killing a goat, regardless of what you feed it. Goats don't do well with sudden changes in feed, nor with eating a lot of that sudden change in feed. Period.