Anyone make shampoo?

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Kalne, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I am having some hair issues and want to try making my own shampoo. I tried a shampoo bar and at first I thought it was good but after a few weeks of usage my hair's just as bad if not worse. :/

    I'm going to try some hot oil treatments using oil infused with some hair friendly herbs.

    I saw the one recipe on the recipe post and it looks pretty simple though I've never made liquid soap and I don't have potassium hydroxide. I am also looking at some of the recipes over at the Herbarie but they have so many ingredients which is okay if I know I'll actually use the stuff. LOL So what's the difference between making a liquid soap shampoo and one of these others? Also, there are so many to choose from and I'm wondering how difficult it is to alter these recipes or if that's even wise.
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    I am on my 4th batch and am still tweaking. My customers so far only have good things to say, but I have decided I am only doing one scent for it and the cream rinse. I found the recipe starts on the old archives of My lye guy sold me a 5 pound jug of the other lye.

    When my hair was boy short I could easily wash my hair with my soap, not now. I like the idea of no wax in my cream rinse and no SLS or other chemicals in my shampoo. Pricing is a bear, but so far my customers are not balking at my Paul Mitchelle prices, in fact I am copying prices and bottle size from the hair cutting place at Walmart :) Vicki