Anyone else still breeding?

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  1. Or am I the only one who will suffer through May, June, and dare I say it...July kids?
    After taking a month off from kidding to get herd health back under control, I have started hand breeding again and will sort and pen breed within the coming week.
    Three or four bred today, two yesterday, a couple the day prior and four a week ago or so.
    Kidding season started late this year (first kids aren't due until 1/12/09), and there have been other set backs to breeding this year. I am down to 15 does due in January...not quite the 30 we had planned on. None in February (as planned) and then March until...well, who knows..
  2. We are done here. :) Hope the girls are bred, if not they'll be dry. I don't want June/July kids.
    Could start anywhere around 1/29 with Georgia, 2/9 with Delilah or 2/22 with Hannah....ending March 12th with those three. I have due dates, just a few of them for each

  3. stoneyheightsfarm

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    I am goat sitting, milking, and breeding 2 does for a friend who wanted June kids. (Her baby will be weaned then, and she wants goat's milk!) One was bred the 26th and one hopefully will be ready tomorrow!
  4. blackthorn

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    No, I'm in Australia so my breeding season is just about to start...........I'll be having june, july and august babies!
  5. New Member

    May babies here for sure, I have a few weeks left for one more biotracking check to see if I may even have later babies than that...hopefully not. Vicki
  6. goatkid

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    Hopefully, everyone I want bred is already bred. Just in case they are not, yesterday I put a cleanup buck in with the does after removing the two I don't want bred. If all goes the way I'm hoping, the latest kids will be born in May. Kathie
  7. shawhee

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    I have one doe that is still holding at about 75lbs - so I am thinking .... just hold her over. Not sure she is big enough to breed, she will be coming into heat in the next few days but I am just not sure. Any thoughts?

  8. sammyd

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    We have 2 that I'm not sure got caught. Bubba is still hanging out with the girls for a couple of weeks yet.
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    What kind of buck is "Bubba?" You guys have a Noah's Ark thing going, 2 of this, 2 of that...hee hee just wondering what your gonna have in the Spring?
  10. Theresa

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    I am hoping everyone is bred. I have 2 that I am going to draw blood on but have a few weeks to wait before I can do that. I will have May kids though. Boy I hope everyone is bred. I really don't want kids later then June.
  11. stacy adams

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    I'm hoping everyone here is bred too. I wanted February kids, but what I want and what the goats have in mind are usually two different stories.. so, I looks like I'll only have one due in Feb, the majority in March and one in April. Goodness, I have got to update my website!!
  12. Qvrfullmidwife

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    we will be sending in blood to biotracking in a few weeks. anyone left will then be bred, some with 'help' as this will be the second failed round this year. But that is OK, we wanted it that way. In fact there is some discussion here about leaving the unbred ones until June or July to be bred if we are going to have to hormonally 'help' anyway, might as well bring them all into milk when we will be having a downturn in milk supply anyway.
  13. mill-valley

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    Still working on it here too...just got Biotracking results back and 2 are STILL open. Not good.
  14. I have 30 does/doelings with no dates anywhere for even possible breedings...well, four of those are does who aborted about a month ago, so they had due dates and pregnancies.
    That's just shy of half of the does/doelings I was planning on breeding.
    Four of those are does I simply have not exposed to bucks yet....The rest have been ran with a buck for amonth or so, so technically could be settled without my knowing, ut those marking harnesses...well, I haven't had it happen when the harnesses have stayed on properly like they have done this year.
    We shall see. I plan on sorting into breeding pens today...
  15. pettigrewfarms

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    I had 2 that aborted after getting hit by another goat so I will be having Fall baby's this time.
  16. andiplus5

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    Well, I'm still trying to get mine bred because my buck was only in with the girls for 1 month when he dropped dead!
    So for two months now I have been hoping my 8 month old buckling would take of it. But I have realized that the girls are not letting him. He is too big for a couple of them anyway. He is just right for my Togg, but none of the others. So I just went and bought a pygmy buck today who is definitely in rut!! My van smells like a goatie house of ill repute! The girls realized it too. They are getting to know each other now. Hopefully we will have pygmy cross babies in 150 to 160 days! yay!
    But that's why we are still at it. sigh.....
  17. stoneyheightsfarm

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    Ugh, the friend's doe that I was hoping would be ready today is holding out on me. AND my doe who I thought was bred (she and a buck completed the act and around the 3 week mark, she still seemed settled) is back in heat! Possible abortion? Anyhow, I can't breed her this month because of my due date, so I may have June or, eee gads, even July babies if I can get her bred! Fiddlesticks!
  18. cindy

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    Unfortunately, I'm still breeding. I had one misscarry, one that got bred as a yearling (when I didn't want her to) but didn't take this year, one that the person who bought her wants bred, and a visitor. I HATE breeding this late!!! I do have kids due at the end of Feb! Yeah!!!
  19. Agape Oaks

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    I had just a few who didn't settle & have wavered back & forth about whether to breed them & deal with summer kids or wait to breed for fall kids. My recorded grade La Mancha didn't settle either & I've decided to just milk her on extended lactation- she's still consistantly around 8 pounds/day.
  20. LMonty

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    I'm hoping mine are settled to my Pruittville buckling. Nobody's been mooning around the buck pen lately. But, with the Kastdemur buck coming, I havent put them back together in @ the last 6 weeks. I'll use him for "cleanup" while he's here, now that I have enough time between last exposure to be absolutely sure when/who they were bred to. I have two I held off breeding due to size, I may see if they will take before Tate leaves with the idea of fall babies, like Tim does with his FF. Not sure yet, I need to tape them to make sure they are where I want them first.

    This is kinda disappointing. I had hoped to be able to time the breedings better, but the two places I had inquired about for the elusive CIDRs didnt come through. Maybe this year... I would so much more prefer to synchronize it and try to take a week off for the deliveries.