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    Is their one breed in particular that has more dairy types than others or is there one breed that stands out as having less dairy types than others? Or is it pretty well spaced out?
    I have a Nubian that is slim and dainty looking, not small or skinny just slim and long legged, now my Lamancha on the other hand is big and more bulky looking, big bones and hoofs. They are like having a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse. Are their looks now any indication of what they will be like as milkers or does being a good dairy type only show its self after freshening?

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    The best way to get an idea of how a young doe will milk is to look at what her dam and granddams do. I've had a big La Mancha and her bigger half Nubian daughter who put alot of milk in the pail. I have a big Nubian doe who isn't the world's best milker, though her dam gave a gallon a day when she was a month fresh. The dam is more refined. I really don't think it's the goat's size which makes her give less milk than mom. She was a single birth, dam raised on a good producing doe, which gave her the size. I think she's reverting to one of her grandams who has a very nice udder, but doen't give alot of milk. The only for sure way to know how much milk a doe will give is to freshen her. Kathie

  3. whimmididdle

    whimmididdle Guest some degree, I think you should start being able to tell a little bit with those two young doe's you have......but keep in mind that most of these youngin's go through all sort of awkward growth spirts, and I really don't think that most come into a mature looking body until they get 18 to 24 months old. The weight of pregnancy tends to make a little change in them too.

    """"Is their one breed in particular that has more dairy types than others""""

    I like to put this a different way........that there are lines within breeds that are more dairy than others.

    Personally, I like a Nubian that is deep/thick bodied, and heavy gutted.....wide across the butt and chest....and has a little heavier boned and shorter leg than some lines. Some prefer those very long, tall, and lean type Nubi doe's with those nice skinny long legs. IMO... I think that there are very nice and structurally correct Nubi doe's in both of these then with me, it comes down to a personal preference as to what I want to feed.

    I'm treading in high water here, as I don't own and feed Nubi's......I let the other members of my family own and debate who has the best. :rofl

    I'm gonna stay with these little gal's that if I don't like where they are standing, I just pick 'em up and move them somewhere else.....and I can do that with my long and lean, or short and fat ones. ;)