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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Jo~*, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Jo~*

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    First off BOSS is black oil sunflower seed right?
    Do you feed it just for a nice coat and if so why not just feed a spoonful of say corn oil?
    I'm guessing the BOSS is not shelled? Is it the same as you would get at say Wal Mart to feed the wildbirds? How much would you feed each goat?

  2. Sondra

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    yes Jo it is Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and yes many have gone to feeding oils in place of the seeds. but I do like my BOSS for extra roughage and their beautiful coats. It has gotten very exspensive now. I mix 25 lbs to 175 lb of other grains.

  3. whimmididdle

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    Yep....big change in the coats on my gal's since I dropped the processed feed and went to whole grains with BOSS added. I'm feeding about what Sondra feeds as a mix, and it is making a huge difference here. Very few folks in these parts have goats that look as healthy as mine do now......good flesh, good milk, and they shine like a new penny.
    I could, and so could others tell within a month after I had made the change from what I used to feed, to what I am feeding now........and to be honest, I think that it is still costing me less this way. I'm getting more bang for my buck.

  4. PattyS

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    So, like Jo asked, could you use the BOSS sold at Wal-Mart for the birds? Give it to the goats shells and all?

    Thank you,

  5. Wendy Tinney

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    I used to use BOSS and then quit. Bad choice on my part. Their hair quality went way down. I don't know if it does much more, but I believe that the coat shows health. I can't contribute it all to the BOSS because they also got copper bolused. Both together, have made a tremendous difference in thickness and shine of hair. The only thing I have to say about Wal-Mart is, a few years ago, I checked their BOSS and it had additives or something extra for birds (I can't remember what). They change products frequently but be careful. Since we drink the milk, I am very careful about bag tags.
  6. New Member

    I only feed it the last 50 days of pregnancy then buy one bag and feed it to the kids until it's gone. It's just fat, there are soo many other forms of fat that are much cheaper.

    I know Walmart's brand the black bag with the big pretty sunflower on it...we called asking what was in the bird coat on the old forum. It is vitmains and minerals in a soybean oil base. If you taste it you can tell it's a salt mineral mix. Vicki
  7. Qvrfullmidwife

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    we went to oil to save $$$ only to later crunch the numbers and realize that we spent more $$$ per 'serving' of oil then BOSS!
  8. Tim Pruitt

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    So what is a cheaper form of fat? Rice bran?
  9. Jo~*

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    Thanks, I'll add a bad of BOSS to my shopping list next month.
    With fair next week and my daughter in 4H with chicken both egg and meat birds, and rabbits and a dairy heifer I'm broke. Its kind of nice after fair when most of the stuff goes in the freezer. Next year she will add the dairy goats to her projects.
  10. Truly

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    I get my BOSS at the local feed store. They have it in the 50lb bags. I do shop around the local feed stores and coops as I've seen it as high as $30 which is way too much. It is marked for birds. I've never checked the label b4. I suppose I should do that next time.
  11. shawhee

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    I did not see this answered so I will give it a shot. I have fed BOSS to my horses for years, then saw on here that it was good for goats. The one thing I know is to ensure that the BOSS does not have "bird coat" on it. It is a coating they put on some of the wild bird seed. Make sure that it is just plain black oil sunflower seeds.

  12. coso

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    I switched over to rice bran about a month ago and my girls are staying shiny so I hope it's working. I know it's a lot cheaper I paid $6.95 for a fifty lb bag. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is messy. It doesn't have the protein content in it that BOSS does I think its 12-13% and BOSS is over 20%.
  13. I give BOSS to all the goats, 1/8 a cup a day, which is plenty and have been working on the same bag for two months. I'll have to get more this time around, 50lb bag for $36.00. This is used as a "Come get your sugar" by Lindsey. When all the goats are tethered it gives her that extra time with each goat. And they line up to get tethered now. I won't take that away from Lindsey and her goats. They look great, all shiny and pretty, and Lindsey is actually getting them to listen YAY. Tammy