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    Dear ANDDA Members:

    I was asked if I would run for ANDDA DAL(Director at Large) and I have agreed to run.
    Earlier this year I had also run for vacamt Western Director position but the seat went to
    Margie Dykstra who is already bringing about updates to the program and I know she will
    do an excellent job.

    I would like to say that while I would, of course, appreciate your vote, I am
    aware of at least one other person running for this seat and there is always the
    option of writing in a candidate also. Please take an active role as a member of ANDDA
    and pick the candidate you feel will best serve your district and the organization, please vote.

    Let me introduce myself. My husband and I started with goats in 1999. We
    weren’t quite sure what breeds would suit us best so we tried several including
    Kinders, Alpines, Nubians and Nigerian Dwarf goats. We were lucky that our
    initial herd of goats included three does and a buck from the Buttin’Heads herd
    in Ohio. I cannot thank both Tom Rucker and Sue Rucker enough for their goat
    guidance and mentorship over the years.

    As we progressed with our goat keeping we decided that Alpines and Nigerians
    best suited our needs and our own personalities and that is what our herd
    consists of now.

    I grew up with a background in beef cattle and we live in an agricultural area
    that focuses on crop land with most livestock being more recreational and primarily
    horses. As a former 4-Her myself, I am disappointed that our local 4-H club is
    not more active in diary goats and I am also concerned in the general decline in
    numbers, locally, that I’ve noticed in many of the livestock entries over the
    years. However, I have sold goat to 4-H members in other clubs or areas of the state
    and I try to work with them to educate them about goats and always appreciate
    the updates I receive on how the goats are doing.

    I am a past member of The American Goat Society, including a brief stint as
    Newsletter editor. Unfortunately for us, many of the AGS programs were not
    easily accessible to us here in Northwest Minnesota so we were not able to
    participate in most of their programs.

    When the Nigerian Dwarf breed was accepted into the American Dairy Goat
    Association, we were able to sign up our entire herd for their programs and this
    will be our 3rd year on DHIA 305 day test and participating in Linear Appraisal.
    We also attend shows as our schedules and budget allow.

    I am not afraid to ask questions and will work to try to find out answers. Of
    course, I have opinions on topics also – just ask anyone who knows me, but I take the
    privilege of representation seriously and while I cannot guarantee that I will
    be ableto please everyone; in fact, I know it to be an impossible feat, but I will try
    my best to act for the membership. I feel that ANDDA indeed has its work cut out for
    it, representing two different registries that are divergent on some issues and
    operations and ANDDA needs to be a unified and strong and pro-active
    organization that continues to forward interest the wonderful Nigerian Dwarf

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions for me.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Trisha Tank
    Bilrite Farms
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    Wonderful letter Trisha!

    If I was a member of ANDDA you would most certainly get my vote.

    Best of luck in your campaign!


  3. Sondra

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    Mine too hears hoping you get it.
  4. Odeon

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    Me too! (and I did vote for you!)