Alfalfa pellets and/or alfalfa hay?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by NWgoats, Jul 23, 2008.

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    I have read lots of your posts on feeding alfalfa pellets and/or alfalfa hay. Haven't really seen an answer to this question. Do you feed pellets in addition to or in place of alfalfa hay? Can you overdo it on the alfalfa?
    I have been feeding alfalfa hay to everyone, mostly because it is the same price as orchard grass and I figured why buy grass when I could get the alfalfa. They do waste a bit more of it due to the heavier stems of the alfalfa.
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    I feed both pellets and hay. I like the pellets because they don't waste and it's an easy way for me to make sure they are getting enough alfalfa...but if they had a choice they like the hay better. So they get some of each. As far as overdoing it, it's a matter of getting the proportions right I belive, alfalfa has lots of calcium whereas grain is high in phosphorus, and you want a 3:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus.

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    I dont' feed alfalfa hay because it's too expensive, the waste factor and I also do this by myself. I don't want to haul it anymore, stack it anymore, and then rake it up below the feeders anymore :) We also always dealt with either leaf shatter or mold with alfalfa in our humidity.

    I do keep grass hay out in the winters though, but everyones diet here is alfalfa pellets everyday.

    No you can't overdo alfalfa, you can only overdo grain. Vicki
  4. If good quality alfalfa hay is available I dont feed alfalfa pellets. If it isn't, they get free choice grass hay with alfalfa pellets. If I'm feeding alfalfa/grass hay I feed alfalfa pellets with it because there isn't enough alfalfa in the hay, its mostly grass.

    But once my alfalfa hay is gone I am done with it. I will not be buying any more alfalfa hay because I can get better quality grass hay cheaper then the alfalfa hay.