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  1. Okay. A friend of mine moved from California to SE Ohio the beginning of this month. She brought her two Mini-Nubian does and a doeling. The does were milked twice a day all the way across the country. Kid was left on its dam due to space limitations. The kid's dam did not handle the trip well. At all.
    They arrive here and are put into a pen where kids have been with very short grass and very little, but they try to eat it anyway because it is grass. Fast forward to about a week ago. Less than actually. The doe starts scouring. Her kid has been separated from her for about a week or more. She isn't producing much, but still milking some. This starts the last night I am farm sitting. I ProBios her and plan on worming her with the owner the next day. She pulls out Ivermectin Sheep drench. It's at .08% as opposed to 1.87% (78?). She's been dosing according to the label and had dosed them befroe the trip. So the doe was wormed yesterday. She is still scouring and the owner wants to give her Albon because she thinks it's coccidiosis.
    She the 5g Albon tablets found here;

    What would the dose of these be? It says to give 5g/200 pounds of calf. So two boluses for a 100 pound doe? 1 1/2 boluses?
    I'm hoping to convince her to take a fecal sample to the local vet's office to have it checked.
    We shall see. If she insists on treating, I want it at least done right.
    I know you all would rather talk to her directly, but she has no internet access currently.
    Doe's temp was 104.5, but it has been hot. Her eyelids were starting to pale, hence why we wormed them. Also since they went into pens that were/had been occupied by goats.

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    Ummmm...she will be giving these mini-Nubian does~Albon 5g~ about 5,000mg of sulfadimethoxine. Way overdose. (said with concern.)

    You better talk her into a vet, fecal, and a much lower dose. Sulfadimethoxine is dosed to calves at 25mg/lb. We just figured the dose on this **stuff...and we are giving it at 34mg/lb.
    ** Albon, Dimethox, Powder & liquid...all different doses depending on strength.