AI gun (OK I'm a dummy)

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    :woohoo I figured out the gun last night. After I read yesterday and I put it back together last night the light came on. Thanks for all the help. How long is the cervix, guess it would depend on the doe but just an average? I think I'm about to get this figured out . I watched Kaye last spring transfer straws from one tank to another, I've got notes on thawing, and I'm going to paste a bunch of this thread to word. With some of the other information Iv'e gleaned I just might be able to do it. :thankyou

    I figured you just whopped them with a bucket Kaye :biggrin

    Maybe we could get this posted in 101? :yes
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    thank you everybody for all your help in explaining this. I kinda think I can do it now, well after I get some semen and a speculum. now, about thoes CIDR's... :rofl