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    Our director Caroline Lawson forwarded this to this point this is all I know, I do not know where they will end up having it if it is going to be done by the club, hopefully in Fieldstore! Caroline is just to blasted far from me to go up two days. [email protected]) email her if you are interested...I would love to go up for the class, well depending on where it is. Also anyone had him collect before or use his semen? Vicki


    I do plan to collects bucks in Texas, early to mid Nov. I can do a stop midweek for 8 to 10 bucks. Weekends require 15 to 20 for a stop. My rate is $120 for first 30 straws and $3 each for all the owner wants over the first 30 minimum. No jump No charge, No freeze No charge. I also teach an AI class for $60 per head or $100 couple Father/Son, etc. Minimum $600 for a class. Students bring a hot doe to AI and I will assist if needed. Class runs 3 to 4 hrs depending on the number of students. Cam
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    Yep I have used him on all my collections and my AI class, he is a dang good teacher and collector. We actually have a Sept. date to have bucks collected. I have over 100 straws of my old LM buck and so far I have used one straw and one settle.