After kidding, how much swelling is normal?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by kmiller, May 7, 2008.

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    Im a very, very new and nervous ND FF owner. She kidded last night in dramatic fashion, crawling into my lap and hollering constantly. Finally after some gentle pulling and bit of tearing, the first kid (doe) came out and quickly behind that came the 2nd kid, a little buck. Both doing well this am. Eating and playing and snoozing. My doe has drank nearly all of a warm gallon of water, uriniated a couple times, cleaning up after the kids, she has eaten a little and looks and acts good except for the swelling. She is torn and very distended and it looks like something wants to come out but nothing is. She is open about the size of a half dollar. I gave her a 3cc shot of penicillian this AM. What else can I be doing for her?
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    Let me add this to her post.....this was a 3 year old FF.


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    well keep up the antibiotics and rub her hiny with prep H this helps the swelling and eases the pain.
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    :yeahthat And Congrats on the kids! :biggrin
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    I've had does that looked like a Mac truck hit them in the does that had little to no swelling at all.

    Preperation-H is the best thing you can do for tears. Just put it on the vulva, not inside. It soothes and takes some of the swelling out and also numbs the irritation. The tears will heal themselves.
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