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    I have the registry # for the alpine I'm thinking of buying. How do I check the bloodline with that? And what am i looking for? I'll post the # here...Can anyone tell me what info. I can gather with it? The # isAA1430229.

    She is a yearling ff with her doeling at her side, born 4/25. The gal who is selling them said she would do the registration paperwork for the doeling before the sale. Udder seems well attached, she's been to the Deer Park fair and scored well. Good on the milk stand, leads well. Bright eyed and healthy looking, normal pellet poo.

    I still have a couple other goats to look at before I decide but this is a good start and I don't know much about the registration process.
    Thanks all!
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    Go here then do a pedigree search. On the drop down box pick registration # and put the registration number in should get you what you want.

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    Ok, here's what i found out. Hopefully someone can help me decipher!

    Name : County Aire Farms Beatric
    S (this is Sire, right?) - The Camaron
    D - Rainbow garden's molasses
    ss- T-by-4 Rainbow's Donovan's Reef
    dd- Pinepole acres Dexter's Iniga
    sd- Rainbow Garden's Molasses
    ds- Rainbow Garden's Ben

    Looks like some in breeding here? Anyone familiar with these bloodlines?