ADGA Primary Ballots hit the mail *lets just have this one political thread*

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    District 6 I am voting in the Primary and in the main election for Caroline, she does a great job. She is gung ho, always a phone call away and although I don't agree with her on some issues, she is voting for the majority of ADGA. She has been secretary of our club for years, and is now director of INBA and secretary in which I work really close with her as the welcome wagon. Every job she does she does well.

    So if you don't know who to vote for vote for: Caroline Lawson, ADGA Member

    Don't ever think your vote doesn't count, that we don't need you to vote! Most elections are won with just 40 votes in our district! Vicki


    Re: ADGA Primary Ballots Are Arriving
    Posted by: "tlcnubians" [email protected] tlcnubians
    Tue May 6, 2008 7:59 am (PDT)
    Good Tuesday Morning! I've been out of town showing in Arkansas over
    the weekend so haven't had much chance to be on the list this past
    week. Returning home late Sunday evening I found that ADGA Primary
    Ballots had arrived, so wanted to let everyone know that I have
    enjoyed by term on the ADGA Board and feel that I have been of some
    use to the members of our district. Highlights of my past term are,
    among others: I've been a strong voice against mandatory DNA testing
    for AI bucks; worked with Jennifer Mellett and other members of the
    Constitution & Bylaws Committee on several matters, the most recent
    being the rewriting of the complaint procedure; and I have not
    hesitated to speak up during Board meetings when I felt the need.
    I've also been available to the membership and assisted several
    people with resolving questions and problems they've had, and taken
    the suggestions of members to Board meetings.

    I believe there has been some question about a second membership
    purchased this year in our herd name, TLC Farms. This membership is
    a partnership between myself and a good friend of mine, Lesley
    Hersom. Lesley purchased most of her original goats from us and this
    partnership will enable us to continue working with the TLC Farms
    bloodlines at her place in Willis as well as mine in Franklin.

    I would like to return to the Board for another term as one of your
    District VI Directors if members of this district so choose. If that
    is your choice, please vote for me, Caroline Lawson, ADGA Member
    1397140, in the upcoming primary. Ballots are due in the CPA's
    office by June 2, 2008.

    Thank you,
    Caroline Lawson
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    Thanks Vicki Caroline is who I am voting for also

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    In D5 I am again asking that members nominate:
    Tecoa Lynn Seibert 1104505

    Though she doesn't post much on the internet and certainly doesn't get into petty arguments...I've seen her in action at ADGA Board meetings and believe she has D5 interests, as well as ADGA, as her utmost priorities.
    Kaye White
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    Thanks for these suggestions. It's hard to vote when you don't have a clue.
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    Yep, I believe that Caroline has done a great job.. voted for her the day I got it in! :)
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    If I could vote for Caroline, she knows I would....but, since I am in D3...any opinions or input? Feel free to email me privately. Darn Caroline, I was going to go to Arkansas...wish I had now that I know you were there. How was it?

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    I'm looking for input on D7. A PM is fine.
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    I voted for Caroline too