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    I have been reading the hoop house thread, and on page two, I read Troy's comment about wheels that can be adjusted so the frame sits flush with the ground, and when you want to move it, you just pop the wheels down and roll it along.

    My crate is 4'x8', with 2 dividers that are made form 4"x4" goat panels cut to size. This makes 3 separate compartments. We drilled air vents on the sides about 8" from the top for them to look out with a 3.5" hole saw. The rear wall which sits near the hitch on me flatbed trailer is solid plywood, and we also put air vents on that side as well. The front door (near the ramp of the trailer) is made from a piece of goat panel also for ventilation, and I can see into the entire structure when we make rest stops. The dividers slip into slots through the roof, as there was not enough room inside to make doors on the dividers. Basically I lead the goat into the Tote, close the back door, get the goat into the back stall with myself in the other, and my boyfriend drops the panel down through the roof, and I guide it into the wall and floor grooves. Then back out to grab the next goat or pair of goats, and repeat. The last stall they are just led into and we close the door. I can comfortably haul 6 of our full sized Togg goats with my Gote Tote There are ZERO sharp edges for the safety of us and the animals.

    This this is HEAVY! I am guessing over 200lbs, and awkward to boot! It takes 4 people to load it into the flatbed properly, but in a pinch, 3 can manage, but it is SOOO hard to do. I want to add wheels to it, but I want the bottom of the frame on the floor of the flatbed while traveling. If all works well, I can load the tote onto the trailer using the quad myself, and thus not have to get 3 men and a boy to help load the thing up!

    I had contemplated putting lawnmower wheels on it with through bolts, but then I would have to take the wheels off once it is loaded - not what I want to do! We also strap it down to the frame of the flatbed with the heavy duty 3" ratcheting tie downs, and we use the plastic rounded corner things so that the sharp corners of the Tote do not cut the straps (we learned the hard way on the maiden voyage). I was interested in this idea of Toy's, as this could work perfect for our Tote.

    Any suggestions on where to go, and what these kinds of wheels are actually called so I don't feel like a moron when shopping for them?

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Kelly :)
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    Just pick up a junk lawn mower and use the complete setup for the wheels they all have the adjustment on them so you can change how high ol low you want to cut your grass. Just mount them so when the you set them for the lowest setting it is on the ground.

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    Or...forget lifting. Set up a swingset idea like how guys pull motors, and have it over your tote, so you can crank it up, drive underneath it and then crank it down into the bed of your turck. As soon as I saw my first goat tote I wanted one, I was having to get help everytime I went to a show putting the cap on my truck. I love my tote now, it's lightweight and I can put it in and out of my truck myself, not more asking for help to load up and leave. Vicki