Acronyms in soap making

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    ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar
    AKO=Apricot Kernal Oil
    AO= Animal Oils
    AVG = Aloe Vera Gel

    BMP= buttermilk powder
    BTMS = Behentrimonium Methosulfate


    CB = cocoa butter
    CM = Coconut Milk
    CMP coconut milk powder
    CO = Coconut Oil
    CP = Cold Process
    CPHP = Crock Pot Hot Process
    CPOP = Cold Process/Pour Oven Process


    DBHP = double boiler hot process
    DHHP = direct heat hot process
    DPG = Dipropylene Glycol
    DSM = Dead Sea Mud
    DSS = Dead Sea Salt
    DWCP = Discounted water cold process


    EDTA = ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
    EO = essential oil
    EPO = evening primrose oil
    EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    EW = E Wax


    FCO = fractionated coconut oil – stays liquid at low temperatures
    FLO = Flavouring Oil
    FO = fragrance oil


    GM = goats milk
    GMP= goat milk powder
    GSE = grapefruit seed extract


    HO = Hazelnut Oil
    HP = Hot Process
    IPM = isopropyl myristate

    ITMHP = in the mold hot process


    KOH=Potassium Hydroxide (used for liquid soap)


    MM = Martha Mold (Drawer storage units from Kmart used as soap molds)
    M&P/MP = Melt & Pour
    MWHP = microwave hot process


    NaOH=Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda or Lye)


    OHP = Oven Hot Process
    OM= Oatmeal
    OM&H/OMH=Oatmeal & Honey
    OO = Olive Oil
    OOB - Out Of Bottle


    PKO = palm kernel oil
    POO = Pomace Olive Oil
    PPO = Per pound of oil


    RBO = Rice Bran Oil
    ROE = Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract
    ROO = Refined Olive Oil

    SAO = Sweet Almond Oil
    SB = Shea Butter or Stick Blender
    SL = Sodium Lactate
    SLSa = Sodium Laurel Sulfoacetate
    SS= Stainless Steel


    TD = Titanium Dioxide
    TRO = Turkey Red Oil


    VCO=Virgin Coconut Oil