AC and copper in feed - how much?

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    I was going to have my AC added to my goat feed mix, and wanted to know just how much to add into 500 lbs. of custom mix? Also, I was contemplating having them add additional copper to the mix as well, but don't know which form would be best absorbed (I know there are sulfates and oxides - might be more too!). I also need to know just how much should be going into the completed 500 lb. mix. I have 8 goats ( 5 girls, 3 boys), and 500lbs lasted me 4 months. Bucks and does both get the same amounts of grain, about one half pound each per day. The does will get more once they freshen, and we have does due starting Jan. 8th through Feb. 10th. I really like my feed, and don't really SEE a need to change it, but if it would be better for the animals on a whole, then I am game. So basically, I need to know how many pounds and ounces of AC and Copper to add to my feed when I have it mixed. I am going to order these things myself, as I can get a better price than the mill, who only deals with 100 lbs of items at a time.

    I have been offering SweetLix loose mineral, but they really don't eat it. on occasion they will hit it up if I am late feeding, but otherwise, I have maybe 40lbs of the original 50lbs that I bought 4 years ago :/ . unfortunately I cannot get the raved about Blue Bonnet TMC mineral up north in PA.

    Also, someone asked me if AC was considered 'safe' for breeding does, and I really did not have an answer. It seems that AC is widely used in many goat feeds, so I just assume it is, however, fact would be better. This way I have an answer, AND a reason. This questioning of the AC for does came from a breeder that has had a successful LA and DIHR herd of Toggs for several years, and it really made me question myself. Then again, this is why I am a member of this forum :)

    Thanks in advance!

    Kelly :)
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    Ammonium Chloride is just a mineralized salt, it doesn't harm bucks or does.

    Go to they sell AC in bulk to be added to feed, they are also a vet office, if you call them they are very very nice and likely if their catalog doesn't already give you how much to mix in a ton of grain they can look it up and tell you.

    If all you are going to add is copper sulfate to your grain, I wouldn't. I would work on getting a balanced amount of copper in your mineral, copper sulfate, copper chealtes, copper amino acid pack, copper oxides etc...I would have a calf pack minerals, either horse or cattle put in my custom mix so it would already because of the speices have more copper and more selenium in it.

    Is copper a problem in your area? But I do agree, there is something wrong with your minerals if your goats aren't eating theirs, especially sweet lix with the molassas in it. I would throw away what you have and switch to another bag or another brand. Vicki