? about does that freshen in the fall

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    We had a Nubian freshen in Nov. and did well milking, a little over a gallon a day. She never did produce like the seller said she should. I didn't worry as a gallon a day for a Nubian isn't bad. I was planning on drying her up when all the does kidded this spring as she had a hard yr. Before we got her she kidded in March with quads, milked a few months and then was rebred and kidded in Nov. with twins. Her udder never looked like it was full. All of a sudden these last few days as my other does have started kidding her production has gone through the roof. Her udder is now full and she is giving close to a gallon a milking.
    Feed and management have not changed.

    So, here's the question. For those of you who freshen in fall do you notice a difference in production of those that kid in the spring? I'm just wondering what would cause the change in production after almost 4 months. Were going to keep her going now until at least June so that we can get her appraised.

    By the way she is a just turned 5, 6th freshener.

    thanks for the input.
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    It is wonderful that you have a doe that has picked up this much in production after milking 4 months. I think the previous owner had high expectations for this doe because she milked heavily after producing quads. Something kicks in on multiple births that says "Hey you need more milk - you have 4 mouths to feed" and so they produce more milk. Since she kidded with twins, she might not make as much milk as the previous owners experienced when she had quads. However, this sudden jump is amazing - to double in her production is phenominal at this time of her lactation.

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    I'm curious- what did you change, if anything? Did you get different hay, pellets, feed or is the spring grass coming up by you?

    I wonder with the other does kidding if her hormone levels changed?
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    I see this every year since I milk half my herd through the winter and do not breed them while the other half are bred to kid. Kidding is always in February or March though, and I'm seeing this on extended lactations. Milk production will go way down during the end of December and early January, but with consistent 2 times a day milking, the milk production does come back up in the spring. Occasionally on a first freshener milked through like this she will actually have a slightly higher yield in the second year of that same lactation than she did just fresh, but that is usually my best milkers, others just come up in production but not quite as high as in the year they freshened. As to the why this happens, it might be the daylight hours lengthening, it might be the warmer weather, or it might be the new growth of grasses and browse.
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    This is happening with my Alpine. She didn't 'catch' so I'm milking her through. When my other doe kidded, the Alpine's milk production soared.
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    We haven't changed anything. She gets free feed alfalfa and then grain on the milkstand.

    I had also wondered if it was just that time of the year when she would have normal freshend. I have heard goat can go down in production when trying to milk through a normally dry period.

    I don't know why but I'm glad. Now I get to see what that udder looks like full. I'm pretty excited. Thank you all for the input. I appreciate it. I have never freshened a do in the fall so I didn't know.
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    I think it has to do with the time of year. I didn't breed Buttercup when she came into heat the same time as the does that are due this week. I never saw her cycle again,so if she's bred, she's not due till June. I put a buckling in Jan 1 to cleean up what didn't get bred. I cut her back to once a day a couple months ago, thinking she'd start to dry up. She's milking around half a gallon in the morning and has started wanting to come in with the newly fresh does in the evening. I'm quite sure if I started milking her twice a day, her production would come up more. Kathie