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    At what point do I start uping the grain to increase milk production. How do I know if they are increasing the milk production from the increase in feed and not from the natural lactation curve, babies growing bigger and needing more?
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    On the milkstand...not alfalfa pellets in their barns...but just on the milkstand now. Once my does are kidding they are receiving about 2 pounds of oats and some rice bran (for fat) and soybeanmeal for protein in the barn. As they have the baby they start the next day with the barn routine, and get their grain...1 pound in the am plus the ricebarn and SBM, same in the evening milking. It's pretty much standard fare. Once about 2 weeks in milk, and I weigh milk each Monday morning, I will increase her ration...this sort of just comes from having goats and milking them, plus having milked her or her bloodline before but their are good milkers who needs 4 pounds of oats a day and others who I won't move from the 2 pounds a day and a few who get less than that. But normally I just start increasing by about 1/2 a pound, then weight the next Monday...milking more she gets more grain until she no longer milks more...I then go back down to the previous 1/2 pound. I also run my hands down the doe, and anyone passed 3 months fresh who starts milking less or puts on weight obviously has their grain amount slowed. It's a balancing act because I want them eating their alfalfa pellets, no just waiting to pig out on grain. I don't put alfalfa pellets in my milkstand grain either, when on the milkstand I want them eating grain not hay.

    But it always goes back to the eye of the beholder...I like my girls on the fleshed side, I raise nubians, no ribs allowed :) Everyone will do this differently, because they have to pay their feed bill :) Vicki