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  1. Corky

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    OK I did a Favor for a Friend. I let her use my buck 7 months ago.
    To repay the kindness she offered me the buckling from that kidding. One doe and one buck.
    He has now been wethered.
    He will be meat.
    I told her I wanted him weened before I took him.
    I got him today.
    He was taken from his dam and put in the back of my truck.
    He is only two months old!
    She told me he was weened.
    She then gave me some grain and hay for him and said that the small bag of grain should be plenty to help me switch grains as he is only eating about a half cup of grain twice a day.
    I have wormed him and started cocci treatment.

    I know some people ween cold turkey like that but I don't. I also don't ween a kid that is not eating a good amount of grain.
    I really wish I could get him on a bottle so I can fatten him up faster.
    I also have that doe that never kidded that is in really good milk now even though she still has a tiny bit of blood in it.
    I am treating her with vitamin C and Calcium/magnizium/zinc.
    It seems to be working but is taking longer than I thought it would.
    I can try to put him on her on the milk stand but I don't want him causing a setback with her.

    Any Ideas?

    I will add that this is a good Friend and she is only guilty of having too kind a heart and could not take him from his Mom.

    I did get about 8 oz of milk in him because the bottle was free flowing and he was swallowing fast. He fought it of course and did not suck.
  2. Wendy Tinney

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    Have you considered making a lambar? It won't be the same but he will have to suck harder (like on mom). It may not work, but worth a try. I bought this little bucket at wal-mart. It's clear w/ blue lid and gray handle and is used for storing pictures. It was very cheap. I would think, if you worked with him and he got hungry enough, he will eat.

    I'm guessing, that if your milking that doe, you could heat treat milk and give to him. Blood is protein. Better wait on somebody else to answer this part.

    Sorry about your ears tonight!


  3. Rose

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    For our bottle bucklings, we are missing about 1/3 goat milk and 2/3 store bought whole cow milk.

    I sure hope you can get him to take the bottle.
  4. Corky

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    I would not buy store bought milk.
    I have plenty of goat milk.
    I just have to get him drinking it is all.
  5. Theresa

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    You might have to almost starve him to get him to take a bottle and even then he might not. Have you tried covering his eyes while offering him the bottle? I had this work on one before. I think they believe that it is mom because their eyes are covered like they are standing under mom.
    Good luck with the baby.
  6. Cotton Eyed Does

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    Corky actually if he is 8 weeks old and already started on grain and hay he should do fine. It'll take him a few days to adjust to leaving Mama, but if you can stand it he will probably be fine. You would have to be really careful with a free flowing bottle so he don't aspirate some of the milk. If you can I would put him in a pen by himself for a few days maybe with fence line contact with the other goats and leave feed and hay out for him 24/7.
  7. Corky

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    Actually he is in a stall that is about 8x10. He has hay and alfalfa pellets which he has no clue about and water.

    I am afraid to feed him too much at first as she only fed them twice a day and put one pound of feed in one small feeder for 5 kids to eat from at the same time.
    I gave him about a cup of his regular feed with some of my feed which is almost the same as he is used to, mixed in and a little alfalfa so he can get used to it. When I notice him eating from the alfalfa feeder I will stop putting that in his feed. I am going to be adding some more of my mix into it each day and increasing the amount gradually till he has all he wants twice a day.
    I can't feed him free choice because I want to let him out with the others soon.
    I do have some weight gain stuff I bought for Molly that she won't eat and I sprinkled just a little on his feed tonight and he ate it all up so I will be doing that to help him gain. He weighs 24 lbs now.

    He is a cute thing. His Dam is Nubian/Saanan and his Sire is my Pennington. American alpine.
    He is light tan with a black dorsal stripe and black muzzle stripe with white stripes on each side of that and of course those lovely airplane ears. His face is a tiny little pointed thing like a nubian doe but not very roman and looks Alpine in color.

    But....his name is Cabrito!
  8. Sheryl

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    Corky, if he won't take a bottle, does he drink water???? If he drinks water, take some milk out in a bucket and see if he will drink that. My doelings tore up all my lambar nipples this year and at the time I couldn't order more, but I still wanted them on milk. I just started taking buckets out with no nipples. It took all of two seconds for them to smell the milk and start sucking it up out of the buckets. You might try that.

  9. SherrieC

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    yep yep Corky He will drink milk right out of a pail, but how does she need to place it so it goes down the right stomach, I don't feed that way. Or will he naturally bend his neck correct?
  10. goatkid

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    If you can't get him to take the bottle no matter what you do, you could put him on the dinner table sooner rather than later. According to my southwestern cookbook, he's just about the right age for a goat roast. Kathie
  11. Corky

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    Yes, I know he is the right age for a roast but he is our only goat to be butchered this year so he will be kept to get some more meat on his skinny little Nubian,Saanan/alpine bones.
    He has a very nubian body. All skin and bones right now.

    We kept a buckling over till the next year and had him butchered and he made awesome roasts and hamburger too. I was surprised. He was pure alpine though.
  12. Corky

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    I think he will be fine.
    I let him out today for the first time. I left One doeling in with him. She is not the smallest because the smallest is too mean to him.
    She may be almost as small as he is but she has a bad attitude.
    The bigger one is much more tollerant of the new kid on the block.
    They have gotten in a few butting contests but that is because she keeps insisting on smell his backside and he is insulted and rams her so she has to fight back.
    He finally learned what alfalfa pellets are for. He can barely reach the feeder but he learned quickly to jump up and hook a leg over it to hang on.
    I have not seen him drink water yet but he has to be because he would be badly dehidrated by now if he wasn't.
    He seems fine.

    I tried getting him to drink milk from a bucket but no deal.
    Thats OK. I am putting a yeast fat enhancer (made for horses) on his food and he loves it so he will be fine without the milk.