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Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Kalne, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Kalne

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    With the price of everything going up I've been changing my formulas and phasing out some oils. And with trying to get colors right I've been going back and forth between using lard and all veggie. It's making it difficult to label 'cause I have to go back and check my notes to see what recipe I used for each batch. I'm thinking of simplifying my labels to say something like food grade oils and butters. And then specifically noting those that are all veggie. What do you think?
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    Personally, I list the exact ingredients on each batch, even when I changed my recipe a bit.

    If someone was only interested in an all veggie bar and bought it according to label ingredients, then there shouldn't be lard in that soap period. While the only requirement is the weight of the bar and your contact info, I feel all ingredients should be listed as well. Before I made my own soap I purchased a lot of soap for years. I always read the label and if I didn't like the ingredient list or if the soap contained lard, soybean oil, etc. I would pass.

    I am very proud of my recipe that contains wonderful butters and oils, clays and micas so I will always put them on the label.


  3. cmharris6002

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    You are not being 100% honest with your customer if you only disclose ingredient with label appeal.

  4. NubianSoaps.com

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    It's up to you with no real labeling what you want to put on. I do list my butters first, although my shea listed first is not the highest ingredient in my soap (except for 2 recipes). So even I am fudging the labels, not by law, but by how customers would assume.

    Being that I don't believe for a second anything but the characteristics of the butters and oils come out in the finished product I am not the label police.

    I love some all oil soaps and after a swap moved a soap to alot more oils for even myself for winter...and I hate someone elses lard bars, the bars are soo hard to nearly be plastic feeling, don't lather...and I love lard bars!

    I use my soaping class lard bars and my moving my recipe around bars until I get it right, as sales of unwrapped bars in giftsets, in soap savers and or my family and friends. I don't sell wrapped or to my unwrapped 'avon' girls, soap I am tweaking, if I tweak something wrong and loose some of the characteristics of my good bars, than I loose customers to someone else.

    For the swap I did a decadant soap containing all high end butters and oils, sort of cleaning out my body butter and lotion oils for the year :) It will make enough for me to enjoy myself for a long time, but no it won't be sold. vicki
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    Um, I wasn't trying to be dishonest. Just trying to simplify. I wasn't going to single out any ingredient whether it had label appeal or not. Sorry if I gave that impression.

    I guess I'm just going to have to start wrapping the entire batch once it's cured so I know it has the right label. I often only wrap half 'cause I don't want to unwrap later those that are used for displays or used in gift sets.
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    just put them in a box and lable the box Kathy