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    Well, we had a first freshener abort this past weekend :(..... she was 29 days early.
    Our first ever. It was gross and nasty, and mama-goat retained the membranes. As we did not have Lute or Oxytocin, I hesitantly called the vet... (they have not been real helpful in the past with goats.)
    Although, on Christmas eve, I had to take a urine sample in from our dog, and while there, I asked to buy some injectable CMPK... the lady vet, (I had never met her) told me she probably shouldn't sell it to us, as she had not seen our goats in over a year... I calmly told her they had NEVER seen our goats, but that we may need cmpk this kidding season.... She sold me two bottles. LOL! I was SO nervous when I told her that, but oh well! I just said it..........
    I think they have a new goat-gal vet working among them! YAY! :biggrin She was GREAT! Of course it was saturday night, and she put up some Lute for me... I went and got it late sat. night, it did not work, so Monday am, she sold me oxytocin, and 4 injections later, our poor sick Ashleigh Banfield finally passed the afterbirth!
    We ARE disappointed, as we were REALLY looking forward to kids from this gal, but we are SO happy to finally have a good working relationship with this new vet!!!!! It is exciting! She really seems to know goats! YAY! It is GREAT to know that I can call her, and that I will get good, knowledgeable advice!!!!!!!!!

    We have had our poor Ash on antibiotics, probiotics ad B-Complex and CMPK since, and she is doing GREAT! It is just a wonderful feeling to have a vet who will work with us with our goats! :biggrin It is a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just have to wait and see what Ashleigh Banfield [roduces NEXT time!
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    Yeah! That is WONDERFUL! I sure wish I could find a good vet around here. Went to the vet with one of my goats and was so NOT impressed. 10 months old, standard-breed, and only weighed (according to his scale) 54lbs. I about had a heart attack and he said "Oh. Are you surprised? What did you think she should weigh? She looks fine to me."

    She "looked" fine!? He didn't even come across the room and feel her or ask about diet or anything (diet is good btw :) ). She is only very small not underweight/skinny. In fact on top of being small for her age, (a late bloomer) she is in late pregnancy. When asked if they did preg tests they said, Oh? Let me ask doc. He said, Oh, um, No.

    NOT impressed.

    I am VERY happy for you! Your experience gives me hope that I might find one that actually knows what one is suppose to weigh (on average) at that age. And not afraid to touch it. He kept on the other side of the room practically the whole time. Weird huh?

    I used my goat weight tape on her later on. It said she was around 66-70. Still very small, but not feeling undernourished which was good. I hope she grows some more. (BTW: The breeding was to a Nigerian buck. An "oops" breeding. lol Just in case you were wondering why she was bred so small.)

    Congrats again!


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    Know just how you feel! Congratulations!!! :D Not sure if I found a good goat vet, but at least I found a farm vet who will supply me w/ the basics. Finally found him last week; just in time for kidding. :D
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    Good timing! :D I suppose he did supply me with CD/T. So I can't complain too much. ;)

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    I have worked with two different clinics...one is much cheaper but only good for supplying drugs IMO, the other is much more expensive but they have a vet on staff that strictly does small ruminants (sheep, goats, alpacas) and she's been really good, also they have sent out the horse guys in an emergency and they've also been very good. IMO most of the time horse vets are far more picky and anal than cow vets....that's usually a good thing. Being a vet tech maybe I'm more critical and expect more than most people but I don't want to be treated like an idiot and when I call a vet out it's because I want the animal treated....not an "I dunno".
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    Kim, You can buy CD/T OTC.