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    Some of you my remember back when I was looking for some dairy goats and I had found a couple that I was going to buy but didn't buy them after asking about CL here on the forum---- anyway someone I know was telling me that she was going to look at some goat and they were from the same place that I was going to buy from but didn't. OK I told her what I knew about that herd and the CL that I know was there. A vet told her that CL is everywhere and if someone tells you they don't have it on there place they are lying? I told the lady that I would ask another vet about this before she buys them goats. What do you think of what this vet said? The lady that has the goats said that her goats are all neg for CL now.
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    run run run, as fast as you can and take your friend with you!!! i dont' know much, but in my current state (newbie with a possible CL case on an old gal i'd really love to keep but now??....) i DO know that if someone who had real CL just a short time ago, suddenly doesn't, no way. sounds like she is thinking to make a fast buck no matter the problem it poses for another. pretty shady to say the least. and if they are neg., lets see the paperwork!!!

    i have a hard time thinking that if all farms have it, how could they advertise for so many years of being neg? (as in several of the gurus here!!) it wouldn't take long for the word to get out that so-and-so charged big bucks for a clean animal, only to have it come out 'dirty' later!

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    when people don't want to mess about cleaning thier herds up, Of course they say everybody has it. If all your vet has seen is dirty herd after dirty herd, then thats the view he has. If you wouldn't buy from the woman cause she has cl, then she changed her story.
    there are clean herds out there. Look for people who don't buy from auctions.
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    It has never been a problem in my herd so I don't test for it....
    We don't have any symptoms so I know I don't have it....
    Could I have all this (as they wave thier hand over the goats) if my goats had a communicable disease...............

    These are all red flag statements that you should not buy from this person, be it CAE, CL, Johnnes or ????? The above statements must come with testing, the admitting that our herds back in the day had some or all of the above, and we have worked very hard to clear ourselves of it. Vicki