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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by goat girl, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. goat girl

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    I am considering buying my first buck this year---assuming I can get these worms under control---and don't lose all my goats to it. (See need wormer stat) If this buck is born FEb/March/April-- would he be ready to breed this fall or would he need another year? I would be purchasing an alpine.
  2. goatkid

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    A spring Alpine would definitely be ready to breed does by fall. I used a March 3/4 Alpine 1/4 Nubian on one of my does in October and she is obviously pregnant. The only thing with young bucks is they can get overwhelmed if they are in with too many does at the same time and may not breed them all. If you have a small herd, he should be able to cover them all.

  3. whimmididdle

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    """"assuming I can get these worms under control---"""" C.

    Be patient and stick with some of the advise given here. You will get the worms problem back to where they are manageable.
    Young Buck--- maybe you can get one that is born in Feb. or early March. I am not saying that he wouldn't breed successfully under 6 months of age.....but I would prefer that he be at least that old before being use much. Hope you can get one that will strengthen your present herd.

  4. cmharris6002

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    I agree with Whim. You'll want one born as early in the Spring as possible. A May buckling might not be up to the task by November.

  5. goatmom

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    I'll chime in here since this was our first year to keep bucks - one thing I noticed is it takes the young ones a little longer to recuperate so the number of does really makes a difference.

    Would definitely recommend pen breeding one at a time-take the doe back every 12 hours while she is cycling - our 6 mo LM settled 2 does on the first cycle with no problems -it took the Nubian boy 2 cycles because he couldn't reach his target so he kept trying for her head instead -he was 5 mo old (Oct) when he bred the doe but it was his only job.
  6. Corky

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    I bought an April buckling and he bred my two does I needed bred in October.
    They each had a single though. One buckling and one doeling, Sundgau just like he is.
    I only have 4 does. He bred them all this fall but he is now a yearling.