7yo buck off feed

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    Good evening everyone, Well I am really stressed as my dear friend *B Lakeshore Farms RC Tamatrix does not seem to be doing well at all this evening. This is a buck that is so easy going and friendly that it was obvious he was feeling ill. When I headed to the doe barn to start milking, he did not get up to come to the fenceline. I looked at him and really at the time did not think much of it. After milking, I went to grain the boys and kids and when I dumped the grain in to his feeder he got up and just looked at me...never approaching the feeder. Well, I know immediatly that something was wrong. So, I pulled him out and he just leaned on me. However, he was just horrible when I tried to give hime some Nutri-drench and pro-bios...and normally he LOVES Nutri-drench???? Anyhoo, no temp but, he was grinding his teeth and just hanging his head low. I gave him 2cc of banamine,,,worms should not be a problem. He has lived here for almost 2 years and never one day under the weather until now, any suggestions?? He also snubbed his nose at all his favorites, raisins, peanuts, beet pulp...he would eat nothing.

    Thanks, Paula
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    Why would worms not be a consideration you live in the south :) Also cocci. I would run a fecal into the vet in the morning and have them read it, ask them how many eggs per gram and tell them you need the eggs identified...you get a better class of fecal when you do that :)

    Give him a good look over, this is exactly what happened to Eric years back, he was 3, and in rut and he stopped eating, about 3 or 4 days later, he acted like he couldn't walk very well, down in the hips, and then he had a raging fever, it wasn't until his fever spiked that I loaded him and went to the vet. She started going over him and found his with raging mastitis! Infusions, and IV of antibiotic and he was fine.

    So check him all over, his ears (ear infections) hooves, retrim, does he have an abscess or hoofrot? Is her ruminanting? What is his temp? If it's lower than a pen mates that is a bad sign also means he is not ruminating, has he been fighting? Vicki

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    I know Vicki knows way more, but was wondering if you have seen him pee lately?
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    I agre with Jennie - Vicki does know way more (thank heavens!) but have you seen him pee. My very first thought with boys is urinary calculi. Good luck and keep us posted. I really hope you get this figured out ASAP.

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    Worms, coccidia, UC, I would check for first. Also has he eaten anything he's not used to? I had a 5 year old buck who suddenly went off his feed and after checking all the other stuff I discovered that my next-door neighbors had been feeding him the leftovers from their watermelons - huge amounts all at one time.
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    Is there anyway for me to check for UC? He is not humping his back or straining to pee...NO PEE or Poop at all....I have done the following today:

    Cal Gluc
    Mag Gel
    Pro bios
    Banamine 2.5cc
    Currently IVing Lac ringers

    Temp was 101.2 now 103.1
    Still no eating or drinking

    He is just laying with me on the side yard with no interest in returning to the barns. Can't get the vet out till tonight.