3 week old kid medical advice

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    I have a 3 week old kid that was born with a lump on the side of her face from in front of the ear down along mouth. I am assuming it is a blocked salivary gland or she was born with out a duct??? I have drained it twice it filled back up by next day and tried poking a 14gu hole inside her mouth to try to let it drain into her mouth no help any of this. My vet wants to try to suture a small drain into it and wait a few weeks to see if this will work. :huh not sure if I like this Idea, especially because the vet has never seen anything like this in a goat. with humans you just use a lemon head and it will open the duct isnt there a simpler method for my poor baby... McDowell Family Farm
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    I have a doe with a salivary cyst. Usually if you drain them, it is a clear or slightly yellowish liquid. My girl has had it since she is 6 months old (she is 4 years old now) and we haven't done anything to it, except we drained it and had the exudate tested. Just saliva. My vet had seen it before and once we knew it wasn't infected he just said to leave it alone. Intervention is more likely to get infected than just leaving it alone. This only applies if it doesn't affect her eating.

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