3 does kidded in 4 hrs

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    We had a very busy day yesterday. We started baby watch at 9 with morning chores. As we were getting ready and waiting for here to kid the kids and I built a buck pen for the Nov. bucks. this involved chopping down a few small trees and limbing up a bunch of trees. The kids thought it was great fun. Also while we were waiting I noticed that two of our ff were in labor also. We ended up doing the doe shuffle and moved the older doe out and put a ff in. She kidded with 2 does. We got kids in tended to them and then the doe. DD stayed with the two other does as I feed the two younger children and then I went out and she ate. she came out and we put the other ff in the kidding pen. As soon as we got her there we hear the other doe start to push. So we did the doe swap again. This older doe I think would like to take all day to kid. Just enjoying all the attention. She finally had buck 1 but stoped with everything else so she could find any little bit of goo in the pen and clean it. DD kept checking on the other doe. I finally got tired of wait and went and looked for another kid.(this doe is big and has always had quad bucks) I found one but not the end I wanted, he was coming tail first. All I kept thinking about was Vicki's post on how to rearrange kids. I'm glad that I read it. so, buck 2 was delivered back feet first. She got sidetracked again so I went looking again. I found a small leg about the size of a pencil and another butt. DD decided to check on the other doe and she came back saying there was a baby already out. So I left the doe with her tangled mess and went and found one buckling by the door and one buckling in the middle of the stall. So we got themcleaned off and in a basket and then I had to clean up and go figure out the mess with the other doe.

    I finally got things straightend out and buck 3 was born. So now I had to go back and find out what that other thing was that I felt. At this point with my arm up to my elbow in her she decided to help and shot out a kid the size of a puppy. Fully formed and covered in hair and a doe. Shoot, her first doe.

    Any how, by the time we got all the does tended to and babies fed it was time to start evening chores. Needless to say bed didn't come until really late. I would have been lost with out my 9 yr DD. She was a life saver. Either she was cleaning pens, checking does, holding does for me, cleaning babies, feeding babies or milking does. There isn't anything that girl can't do. ( Can you tell I"m a proud mama :biggrin)

    So out come for the day was 5 bucks / 2 does. I guess Camille is keeping all the girls at her house. ;) But buck or doe our buck is putting some nice babies on the ground.

    Thanks for letting me share the day with you and thank you Vicki for that post. :D
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    WOW! Crazy time...reminds me of a shift I worked in labor and delivery, back in the day. We had 13 babies in 8 hours with 5 nurses (the doctors are seldom around except for the last minute you know).

  3. Truly

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    Did the little doe survive?

    Wow 4 kiddings in one day. Makes me tired.
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    congrats!! and now I need a nap after reading that!
    Andi in OK
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    Yes...a LOT of work. Congrats! And it sounds as if you've got one great DD!

    Did the tiny little doe survive? Any pics?

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    Wow good job girl! a good helper is a reflection on her mother.
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    Congratulations. It's busy when you have them all go at once, but then you're done. I have a six year old I've been waiting all day on and another girl I thought may kid today as well. I'm supposed to go to Helena to pick up some alfalfa pellets from my friend, but don't want to go that far when they look like they are going to kid. I suppose they are waiting for the other three to go intolabor. Kathie
  8. Theresa

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    Congrads on the babies! Tell your daughter good job!!
  9. Sondra

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    WOW I could have used your daughter here to help my grandaughter here but all she says is JUCK. Congratulations
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    A nap, Ha :rofl . After we got chores done this afternoon I checked on a lamancha doe that was due on Wed. I had to go to the back of the pen to check her. At the back of the pen laying down in the rain, gee...wonder what that means. :crazy So again DD moves goats and cleans a pen and I go get towels and feed the other 13 babies. She didn't keep us waiting to long. She ended up having triplet does. First one was butt first again. I'm getting to good at those. All went well though. She milked half a gallon of collsotrum so now I'm pasteurizing.

    Nope the doe didn't live. She was already dead. She wasn't yucky or anything but you could see that her nose and mouth were starting to wrinkle. She could fit in the palm of my hand.

    DD does great. She's going with DS to stay at grandma's house tonight. I guess I get to do all the chores. :lol My poor hands aren't used to milking 8 does. :sniffle Who's idea was it to breed this many does anyway? :help
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    "Who's idea was it to breed this many does anyway?"

    :rofl Do you really want us to answer that? :rofl Triplet does huh??? That's great! :biggrin Congrats again!