2009 Building Plans?

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  1. I decided to put this thread here, so all the new members can join in to! :)

    So does anyone have an 2009 Building Plans? (Building anything for goats, whether it be hay feeders to buildings to new fence being put up, ect ect!)

    I have a few projects planned out already.

    Keep in mind, when I describe below, I am limited on space and fencing material. Everything is added on slowly but surely.

    I have limited barn space so I am moving the girls stall around so that I can make it bigger, it'll give me a different area to milk in but I think once it's done it'll be nice. :)

    Next year I plan to make an 8x16' indoor stall. (That is the maximum I can go. :( ) With an outdoor pen attached to that stall being a 42x42'. Inside of that pen, I am going to put a cattle panel 'shelter' up. I'll have two panels together with just a tarp on top. I'm not going to have the sides covered. I am wanting the tarp to provide shade, not really ALOT of shelter. Inside the tarp covered area, I am going to put a 7' hay feeder so the girls can all munch on their hay outside and not in the barn when its nice and warm outside. :)

    The pen listed above are for the senior does.

    The kid's pen which is for the young kids up to yearling milkers (Because I do not have any yearling milkers right now so the kids that will be in there will be the same age.) They will have an approx 8x12 shelter connecting to the barn. It'll be a cattle panel shelter with a heavy duty tarp for winter time. It will be completely closed in except for the opening that they can come and go as they please to the pasture area. I am going to make it so I can shut them in incase we get really bad nasty winds out of the east.

    So those are the big girls and kids pen. :)

    Next I am going to make a buck pen on the hill where there's alot of brush. For right now I'm going to make it a 32x32' and add on when I can. This will be during the spring/summer time so I when I make it, I wont put them in there until we are suppose to have a good week or so of ok weather, not much rain or anything that way they can eat some of the brush before adding shelter in there. :)

    So 3 projects next year and the big girls pen will probably be the hardest and most time consuming.

    Before starting on the girls pen I'm going to have to clear away all the wood we have stacked on the north side of the barn. I'm going to pull out the tposts and panels that keep the two pigs in because they are going to be sold so I wont have them. I have to clear away some brush that the goats wont eat before I start building the outdoor pen. I wish it would warm up so I could get started and get a bit done. lol
  2. LOL, you have about as many '09 building plans as we :biggrin.
    We *cheated* and started in late fall of '08, but ran out of good weather. We are in the process of doing a house add-on. The slab is already poured, the drains & such hooked to the new sewer line. The add-on is all goat related. We will have access from inside the house via what is now a window in my living room (I have a lovely antique french door. I bought for next to nothing when they were tearing down an old victorian home in western PA. It will go where the window is now) The front part of the add-on will have a 12'x18' work room, with cabinets, double sinks for milk handling & machine clean-up. My plans are for a couple homemade 8' harvest tables we can move around & us as we need. Building shelves & such along the walls for soap/supplies & other crafts. From the workroom you'll walk into a hall which leads to a 8'x10 bathroom on the right (I'm most excited about the big walk-in shower we are adding!! complete with hooks built in for tying up dogs/goats for bathing!) At the end of the hall will be my milk room. It's only 8'x 12' but it will give me room for 4 does at a time. Two on each side and a 4' walk way behind for the milker. We've also added room for a double sink in there. ((ahhh, hot water, what a nice dream LOL)).. off the back of the milk room will be a 10'x12' nursery/hospital room. Somewhere to keep my newborn bottle babies & an area with enough light for medical emergencies (we only have a mobile vet. I rarely need him out, but if we ever need a c-section or something big. I want a well lite area to work in) Back at the end of the hallway, right pass the door to the milk room, will be the outside door. I still need to build a covered sidewalk between the barn & add-on (I want to be able to go from the house out to the barn without actually going OUT LOL. So, we decided a barn attached to the add-on was the way to go...) we are almost done on the new kidding barn. 24x16. It will have 6 4x8 kidding stalls and a couple of larger stalls for pregnant does to hang out (on camera) Right now, everyone is together in the doe barn. I have a couple pen areas that I put the ready-to-kid-any-second does in, so I can keep them on camera...but we really need more room. I'd like dry does in one barn, pregnant, milking does in the other. The nicest thing about the new kidding barn & the add-on is the fact that even tho, I'm just a stay-at-home goat mom. So far I've paid for just about all of it myself (from jersey sales, goat sales ect) My daughter & I do most all of the building ourselves. (which really cuts down on costs.. It about killed me to hire the plumbing & concrete guys.LOL I'm such a cheap skate) I will admit to hating to roof (fat, gals who just turned 40-10! should NOT be up there!... I actually cheated on the tin roof of the kidding barn. I did all the poles, framing, outside walls.. but paid a tall, skinny friend of my daughter's to get up there and attach the roof LOL.. he was happy for the extra cash, (he did a good job) & I didn't end up falling off & breaking something... the add-on & barn are our main focus this spring.. BUT.. I HAVE to do some work on the buck pens before another breeding season starts. We really need to add one more small barn/shed for the younger bucks.. everytime I **THINK** we might be getting close to finished on projects, I think up a dozen more...

    susie, mo ozarks

  3. We don't hire anyone to build either. I do every thing I can, when it comes to the cattle panel shelters, mom and I make those, they can be quite dangerous if you have a slip up. All of the actual wood building type of work my brother and I do. :) He's easy to pay, buy him food or something to drink and he's good to go! :D

    You'll have to get photos when everything is completed! :D
  4. Ravens Haven

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    I am adding a 10x20 addition to the doe barn, building (2) 12x20 barns for kids and bucks and I think that I will be done after that.

  5. ChristinaF.

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    We are going to be re-arranging our present barn which is up on a hill! :/ That is not the best place to have it in our climate, but we didn't put it there. I need more stalls etc. Then if we can swing it, my husband said he wants to build us a new/additional barn into the side of the hill facing the southern exposure. He has a friend that does cement block work for a very reasonable price, so we will build it out of that and seal the outside with the tar bithane sheets. We are going to make it so that he can clean it out with a skid loader. He's going to put in a nice milk room for us too!! We are still in the idea/planning stage, so I will have fun listening in on everyone elses ideas. It should be nice and much warmer than our present situation.

    Can hardly wait!! :D

  6. Good Goats

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    Well, considering we just moved here almost 6 months ago, we still have lots and lots of plans! We have to,
    - fence the bucks a new pasture (as the one they are in is the "garden pasture") and build them another barn,
    - put another kid yard and shed up (to separate bucklings & doelings)
    - hang the gates for the does smaller pasture (which goes out into their 40 acres),
    - build the dairy barn (for cows and goats), with a cheese room (hopefully) and shelter for the milkers

    and, I'm sure I'm forgetting something! Oh yeah, my sister's front dog yards have to built (H posts) and finished... there's probably more too :). Have fun building everyone and Happy New year!

  7. NubianSoaps.com

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    Major fencing to redo since the hurricane. My buck pen upfront is destroyed as are the fences, so a new buck barn for the woods pen is a must, the bucks will be staying in doe barns until Feb rains are over.

    Chicken tractor and we are likely going to raise the roof and enlarge by twice as much the chicken/rabbit house, more rabbits.

    For me my soap room will get about 30 feet added to it for storage, a larger area for bigger classes, but mostly about storage, even for things like ice chests and kennels along with raw products like butters and oils...walking out to husbands workshop is getting really old to fill my soap buckets for the day with butters and oils, and then out to the barn for my lye for the day. Vicki
  8. Sheryl

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    Yep :biggrin I have lots of plans, but first I have to get rid of a 270# pia. After divorce is final, I am with my sister and bil's help going to tear down old tile cow milking barn (it is falling down anyway) and building a new barn for my goats, and hopefully a new soap building, and expanding on my sewing. I am hoping within the next two years to hire someone to help with sewing, and possibly expand into giving sewing lessons. I am hoping for new gates, and new fence....all kinds of plans, may not happen this year, but it will as soon as I get rid of my extra baggage. :rofl

    Yep looking forward to 2009 and my new life! :cool yipee

  9. Sounds like several of us have big plans for 2009! Good luck to everyone! I hope everything goes smoothly and you can accomplish what you want to. :)
  10. KingsCoGoatGuy

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    I have a few plans for 2009. We need a buck barn bad in the summer, where it is now there is little to no shade so they get very hot. We plan to make a 10 X 10 barn up on our side hill across the ditch that the does never ever use anyways. It will only be a late spring - breeding season building so that I don't have to take an hour to dig a path to them after a snow storm. Along with a new barn is beefing up the 4 wire doe fence. I have enough horse tape to fence 3 acres and lots of left over posts, I plan to make the fence go 4 strings of hot wires with the tape coming out 5 inches to give them a good shock if they get any ideas.
    The I would like to tear apart the buck tent and make it into 2 stalls with a real feeder put in. It is a 16 foot long by 8 wide tent. So make our front part smaller and divide them in half. I then will be able to use it for the kids in the spring when the bucks are up top in their summer housing. I doubt I will use it this year as kids are coming early February, by early May the pastures are all in full bloom and lush as can be. What would you do? Feed them hay or nice pasture? Pasture it is! ;) That is about all I plan to do, there is the normal check fences in the spring coming in 2 1/2 months. :/
  11. togg75

    togg75 Guest

    I plan on finishing the milking hut. Maybe building a double buck pen, greenhouse, and kid pen. A Tractor shelter is also a must. My son also got materials to build a tree house from Santa...that is a top priority.

    I plan on just surviving in 09. Times are tuff for alot of people here and the money crunch is beginning to take a bite out of peoples pocket books.
  12. wheytogosaanens

    wheytogosaanens New Member

    No big plans here - do want a larger chicken house. Currently have a "Taj Mahal" that was our original chicken house and then a smaller house built out of old tractor crates (very nice, but small and rather dark). So just need another larger, lighter house for the second group of hens that are going to start laying this Spring (got them in September).

    I'd like to add on to the large Boer goat pen, just to take advantage of all the browse back there - but time consuming as we have lots of rock below surface (and a steep sloping hillside back there) and we build using stock panels.

    Oh and replant 3 fruit trees which have met their demise the past 2 years and just need to be replaced.
  13. mill-valley

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    That goes for us too...especially as the goats are not money makers for us. I have already downsized from 20-some to 7, but since I've improved my feeding they cost nearly the same to feed as they used to :sigh.

    As far as building...I need a new kid pen and buck pen...but will have to do some sweet-talking to convince dh. I would love to do cattle panel fence on them but may get stuck doing electric as it's much cheaper. Luckily we have several extra calf hutches so the shelter part is easy.
  14. doublebowgoats

    doublebowgoats Active Member

    I love hearing everyone's plans! Good idea, Amy!
    I have down-sized to 2 does and a wether because I couldn't afford to fix the fences and build a real buck pen while feeding several bucks and wethers and pet does. So I sold all the does but the milkers and all the bucks and wethers were sold or butchered.
    So first- Finish out the does' barn
    Next a kid pen.
    Then a Chicken coop
    Then a Buck pen
    Hopefully, reading everyone else's ideas won't get me to thinking...
  15. Agape Oaks

    Agape Oaks Guest

    I did lots of building projects in 2008- a grade A milk room, then an area for them to wait under cover to be milked, new fencing, new covered hay racks & feeders, automatic waterers in all pens & the chicken castle....which was built knowing netx to nothing about chickens so needs to be changed somehow :)

    For 2009....once i have the money :), I hope to finish the perimeter fence & then I should pretty well have things the way I want them....of course until I see someone elses plans that I like better :)
  16. Cotton Eyed Does

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    I need to fix my old chicken yard fence where it was knocked down by the hurricane. I have to replace posts and I can use the old wire. I have the chickens in another area and shed right now, but I really want to get them back into their large chicken yard and their own chicken house with their regular nest boxes, etc. I need to expand the doe's shed cover to cover an extra pen on the end. I need to build the Chihuahuas a larger house/pen area outside and I need to have a cover/shelter for the front of my dairy barn since the back one was taken over by babies. I also need to redo my dairy buck barn and put in another small gate in that buck lot. Oh and I need 1 more hoop house for the boer goats. Oh my... it never ends does it. :)
  17. Theresa

    Theresa New Member

    My plan is to finish replacing some fence in the doe pen. I have to redo my baby pen as the holes were too big and babies could crawl through. So that got taken down and used to replace fence that needed to be replaced. So right now I have no baby pen. That will have to be built first before kids start coming in March. And maybe later in the summer build one more pen so that I have 2 pens for does and 1 for bucks.
    I want DH to finish my milk stand so that 2 does can be milked at the same time. I also need to get the rest of the parts for my milk machine so that I can use it this year. Really these 2 things are high on the priority list.
    And if we finish these things and have money, then we will see. I can always come up with something else that we can do!
  18. Ashley

    Ashley Active Member

    I plan to build another hay feeder for the kidding stall and a big buck shelter in the buck pen. Right now the buck has like a large doghouse built out of scrap lumber. It is on skids so it's up off the ground. I want to build like a 10 x 10 shelter to give him more room to move about when it's raining and room for any buddies he may have down the road. He will eventually get big enough he won't comfortably fit in the house he has now as well. I'm also going to build a little bit of fencing in the doe yard so I can split it in two and open one half at a time as I'm going to plant some forage for them.
  19. togg75

    togg75 Guest

    I almost forgot a chicken tractor! Yeah that is a must do this year for us. MW also wants a herb bed beside the kitchen to plant some basil and celantro for that wonderful salsa she makes.
  20. pettigrewfarms

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    we are taking in the all of the farm land to let the goats have free range. My DH works all the time so it is slow going.