2.8 pound kid *sigh*

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  1. Danielle was due the 2nd. She will be 9 years old on March 26th. I knew she couldn't possible have a singleton again. She's had triplets twice, twins thrice and two singletons (the first one as a yearling that was premature). Last year she had a singleton out of the wrong buck that pinched a nerve as she delivered.
    She's our girl. The first kid I saw born, our first bottle baby, and one of my favorite milking does. She's accepted kids being grafted onto her and is just an all around sweetheart. Her dam was a Grade Nubian doe and her sire was our first buck, a LaMancha/Alpine. She was settled to Rudy, our polled Nubian buck. So I was hoping for a doeling with ears to keep. She has the elf ears and usually throws mixed results...more elf than long.
    The Freshman class from Olney was over to see her give birth. They arrived around 1:30PM. She had been slowly progressing all morning. No serious contractions but obviously moving things into position. I checked about ten minutes after they arrived and found the first kid right there, but she still wasn't really doing anything. So I kept harassing her. Her water broke (all over me) and she still wasn't really progressing. So I interefered some more and tried to get the system going. Put some pressure on the kid to try and induce some contractions, massaged her udder, etc. An hour later she finally got down to business.
    First to arrive was a brown doeling with frosted elf ears.
    They were getting late for their next class (they had already missed two at this point) and I said if you want to see the next one just look cause here it comes. A basically black long eared doeling. While I was trying to decide whether to take it for Prevention or not, the students exclaimed another one was coming. Say what? Now admittedly the first two were not big, but she never felt like she was carrying three. There is this tiny little black head with legs showing. I pulled the tiny legs forward and all I could think was how horrible it was for these students to witness the birth of a dead partially reabsorbed fetus. It hit the ground and started spasming like the premature kids earlier this year.
    I had a student run and grab a towel so I could wipe it off. Another basically black doeling. She weighed in at 2.8 pounds (me holding her on the scale and then me not holding her). I brought her up and had to drive the 20 minutes to go pick up a Pritchard Nipple since I had lost ours (or rather the raccoons had stolen them).
    Got back and she sucked down around 7 ounces of colostrum with no hesitation.

    The brown doeling was 5.6 pounds and the black doeling (most likely her twin) was 6.2 pounds. So not a whole lot weight to those babies.
    This is the same doe who delivered a 3.6 pound doe, 7.2 pound buck and then a 5.4 pound doe two years ago.
    I feel bad that the other didn't grow so well. It certainly doesn't look good from that stand point...those huge variances in weight. We have a yearling doe who delivered 3 days before her first birthday. The doeling was 6 pounds and the buck closer to 8 pounds.

    Oh yes. Every kid was delivered while she stood. She usually delivers the first standing and others laying down but they just kinda fell out of her....She's an odd girl.
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    We raised a buck kid last year successfully that weighed 2 1/2 pounds, granted he is not very large for his age but he is a live and living a good life on a farm as a pet.

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    We had born on cinco day maya day those triplets, I know you must rmember I freaked on this forum, or rather the one before, a 5 lb buck a 2.2 lb doeling (fly,) who I was almost puking was so tiny and while I was drying that off she sneeazed out Skeeter, who was a whopping 13 0z! we called her skeeter cause she whined like a skeeter, she was no bigger than a barbie doll. I had to pick her Up and hold her to feed her she was too short to reach over the laundry basket. I sold her last year, and Fly is due to deliver on the 23rd she was kept dry last year. they gained their 10 lb s a month. I'll see if I can find the photo when she was a week old.
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    Last year my largest doe had three of the smallest kids I had ever seen (1 buck, 2 does). I almost called her Tea Cup. Well, she is as big as all of the other does her age.

    Go figure.
  5. Ah yes. I remember that, Sherrie.
    I'm not too worried about her survival chances. She is a spunky little girl. Already standing. She has peed more than once and took some milk just now.
    I was talking to Vicki at the mill and telling her about the baby and there were some other local goat farmers there. The husband didn't believe she was really that small and said she most likely wouldn't make it. They have 8-10 pound kids (I'm guessing Boer breeders).
    I'll probably never see those people again but boy it would be nice to run into them later and tell them just how well that little pipsqueak is doing. lol

    Now I get a whole two week long break before the next 15-20 are due....
    WE start breeding in less than two weeks as well...lol
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    you should have said Oh please how long you been raising goats and Rolllled your eyes! lol!
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    We had a 2 pounder last year. He was the third of triplet bucks from a FF.

    We called him Lil Bit. He did just fine and sold for meat.
  9. What a wonder! Congrats on triplets. Hope your feeling better or at least by the time your next round comes along.
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    Congratulations on the girls. Snowflake didn't weigh more than two pounds when she was born. She's that little kid with the problems I took in. We had planned to butcher her after the holidays because one of her eyes is not developing properly, but my friend who was going to do it has been having lots going on. Snowflake seems to be handling the winter OK and grows, though she's still a bit small for her age. If she continues to hang in there and grow, she just may be appropriate for a pet home. Those little goats can be amazing.
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    Wow - congrats on your new little does. These stories are great, I didn't know they could survive that small. Bet those students will remember their experience for a long time!!
  12. You never know how that age group will react...especially to a dairy barn that has been closed up and a goat pen that hasn't been mucked out yet this winter...lol
    They are the class that is taking care of the wethers over at the school. They've already experienced the loss goats can bring and the other myriad of oppurtunities. That is where two of my wethers from last year are. One of them being Danielle's buck kid from last year. I thought it was appropriate they get to meet her. She is a good girl but I half wonder if maybe she was holding back due to such a large audience. It was 7 Freshmen and two adults, one being Don the school farmer. He's been considering goats for the school farm. They have done wethers now for two years and I hope to be able to sell a starter herd to them out of our Prevention group.
    It was also time for the cows to come in and there is a student from China (could be another country, he spoke Chinese though) and he was like "Woah! I've only ever seen cows in zoos." It was great...lol
    It was sad at the same time becuas this is the school that sold of the Jersey herd last January so these students no longer have that oppurtunity of working with the cattle.
    Nobody seemed grossed out by the experience which isn't always the case. Especially since I had to asist and her water broke all over me. They all seemed enthralled with the entire expereince, which is great!

    I hate to think how their next class went. I doubt they concentrated at all.....
    They get to name the littlest doeling. I'm a bit scared about that. While in the barn they had named a little doe SnowFlake and a tan colored one "yellow snowflake"...lol. The names on some of their wethers are a bit scary, too.
  13. We had a ff give birth two days ago. Twin does. One on the lighter side of normal, the other a teny tiny that I never could get to take a breath. She was perfectly formed, but so small! (everyone else has kidded with normal sized kids.. so I'm not worried that I've missed something feedwise/minerals & such... Then yesterday, some local folks called begging for help for a FF alpine that was in kidding trouble. Got there, big ol' mess of legs and heads.. got them straighten out. Twins, doe about normal sized, little brother that weighed less then 2 lbs. (he was the problem, she was coming breech with her head over her should, he had his front legs stuck under her and was trying to come out with her... both are fine.. he's slow to take his bottle, but they said he looks like he's going to make it.
    susie, mo ozarks
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    Wow that seems small! Congrats though!
  15. [​IMG]
    The first two born. Firstborn is the brown with white frosted elf ears and muzzle. Second born is that black blob there...lol Some tan/white trim ...no white on her head or muzzle.

    Little Bit. This picture was taken this morning...I think..I can't remember. My brain is not up to par right now. That is a 10 ounce Mt. Dew bottle I am feeding her with.
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    she's so tiny! are you going to keep her or her sister? or both?

  17. I haven't decided how many of the three we are keeping. With so many doelings around I don't know what I am doing.
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    Franny weighed 3 lbs and is fixing to be a second freshener. Her twin sisters were normal sized at around 6 - 7 lbs. She was not the heaviest milker, producing about 6 lbs a day. Her daughters are large and look nice.

    Last year, we had triplet bucks, 2 normal and one weighing 2 1/2 pounds. The little one was wethered and my niece made a pet of him. "Samson" spent a week living in a fancy house in Houston and played in Memorial Park, city folks asking what kind of dog was that. Samson is the same size now as others his age.
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    Last year , taking a La Mancha doe to be bred, we stopped & got her out of the crate to stretch her legs at a gas station. Some people backed up their car & asked what kind of dog she was. I answered a "caprine" & they said they wanted one just like that & were going to try to find a breeder :)
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    are people really so ignorant that they truly think a goat is a dog? I mean, from far away I can see where their can be a mix up, but up close?!